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About ABS


Corporate responsibility (environment/sustainability, social and ethical issues, corporate governance) has been an area of specific interest at Amsterdam Business School for several years, both as specific expertise of researchers who are also embedded in their disciplinary areas and, for others, as one of the topics of interest within a wider portfolio.

Examples of faculty members (and selected relevant topics) and PhD students who are active in areas related to ethics, responsibility and/or sustainability as one of the topics in their wider research portfolio

  • Prof.dr. Frank Belschak (Full professor): Ethical leadership.
  • Jort ten Berg (PhD student): Risk management.
  • Dr. Sanjay Bissessur (Assistant professor): Earnings management.
  • Dr. Siri Boe-Lillegraven (Assistant professor): Inter-firm collaboration, strategic foresight.
  • Prof.dr. Arnoud Boot (Full professor): Corporate governance and financial markets.
  • Dr. Niek Brunsveld (Lecturer): Research, innovation and sustainability.
  • Prof.dr. Willemijn van Dolen (Full professor): CSR and marketing.
  • Dr. Martijn Dröes (Assistant professor): Home ownership, renewable energy.
  • Dr. Georgios Georgakopoulos (Assistant professor): Social and environmental account reporting
  • Dr. Panikos Georgallis (Assistant Professor): Moral markets and renewable energy.
  • Prof.dr. Deanne den Hartog (Full professor): Ethical leadership.
  • Dr. Ilir Haxhi (Assistant professor): Strategy and corporate governance.
  • Dr. Annebel de Hoogh (Associate professor): Ethical leadership.
  • Dr. Gijs van Houwelingen (Assistant professor): Moral behaviour.
  • Dr. Torsten Jochem (Assistant professor): Governance and (local) democracy.
  • Prof.dr. Ans Kolk (Full professor): Corporate responsibility and sustainability in international business.
  • Dr. Sebastian Kortmann (Associate professor): Strategy, innovation, co-creation and sustainability.
  • Dr. Arno Kourula (Associate professor): Corporate responsibility and sustainability.
  • Dr. Tomislav Ladika (Assistant professor): CEO pay, corporate governance.
  • Dr. Bart Lameijer (Assistant professor): Continuous improvement and sustainability.
  • Dr. François Lenfant (Postdoctoral researcher): Business, peace and conflict areas.
  • Dr. Frauke Mattison (Assistant professor): Privacy issues.
  • Dr. Stefan Mol (Assistant professor): Organizational Behaviour and Research Methods.
  • Prof.dr. Brendan O'Dwyer (Full professor): Corporate and NGO auditing and accountability.
  • Prof.dr. Sander Onderstal (Full Professor): Auctions, Industrial Organization, behavioural economics.
  • Sofija Pajic (PhD student): Refugees at work.
  • Dr. Markus Paukku (Lecturer): Inter-organizational alliances and sustainability.
  • Prof.dr. Enrico Perotti (Full professor): Corporate governance and corporate finance.
  • Dr. Niccolò Pisani (Assistant professor): International corporate social responsibility.
  • Dr. Peter Snoeren (Assistant professor): Stakeholder orientation.
  • Prof.dr. Jan-Willem Stoelhorst (Full Professor): Strategy, stakeholders and governance.
  • Nicole Stofberg (PhD candidate): Stakeholders in the sharing economy.
  • Khadija van der Straaten (PhD candidate):  International trade and domestic inequality.
  • Dr. Mark van der Veen (Associate professor): Environmental management in strategy and marketing.
  • Dr. Pushpika Vishwanathan (Assistant professor): Corporate governance, stakeholder management and corporate social responsibility.
  • Dr. Marlene Vock (Assistant professor): Marketing and corporate social responsibility.
  • Dr. Vladimir Vladimirov (Associate professor): Bankruptcy law and indirect costs of bankruptcies.
  • Dr. Andrea Weihrauch (Assistant professor): Consumer reactions to new technologies.
  • Dr. Michelle Westermann-Behaylo (Assistant professor): Stakeholders, business and human rights and business and peace.