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Art: Sold Out

Innovation. Competition. Commerce. Perspectives by Industry Leaders on Music, Fashion and Nightlife

Ever wonder what’s behind the success of phenomenal businesses and start-ups in the creative industries? Which strategies and tactics give leaders an edge over their rivals?

When: Thursday 11 April, 15:00 - 19:00

Where: Amsterdam Business School, Plantage Muidergracht 12, Amsterdam. Room M 1.01.

This event is organised by Entrepreneurship and Management in the Creative Industries (EMCI), a track of the MSc Business Administration.

Roeterseilandcampus - building M
Roeterseilandcampus - building M

Room Location

Plantage Muidergracht 12
1018 TV Amsterdam

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Programme: speakers and panel members

  • 15:00 - 16:00 - Music
    Richard Zijlma

    Richard Zijlma (former director of the Amsterdam Dance Event and artistic director Conservatory Haarlem)

    Richard has been the director of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) for the past twenty years and has managed to bring this event to an unprecedented international level. Before that, he was co-organizer of the Groningen Eurosonic / Noorderslag festival for many years. Currently, he is artistic director for the Conservatory Haarlem.

    Nadine van Bodegraven
    Nadine van Bodegraven

    Nadine van Bodegraven (General manager of Armada Music)

    Nadine has been firmly entwined with the music business for almost a decade now. She started off working for EndeMol Nederland (among others) and practiced music and entertainment law at one of the most accomplished IP Law Firms in the Netherlands. Five years in, she joined Armada Music to serve as the Amsterdam-based record label’s Head of Legal & Business Affairs. In 2014, she took on the role of General Manager. She has been one of the main figures of the world’s biggest independent dance music label since.

  • 16:00 - 16:45 - Fashion
    James Veenhoff

    James Veenhoff (Fronteer Strategy - founder of the Amsterdam Fashion Week - House of Denim)

    James has a background in finance and never really considered a career in fashion. So when the CEO of Pepe Jeans offered him a job after he finished university, Veenhoff couldn't have imagined the fashion industry would become his field of expertise. After successfully launching the Amsterdam Fashion Week in 2004, an internationally renowned fashion event that's still held twice a year, Veenhoff decided to take on a new challenge. In 2009, by that time running his own consultancy company Fronteer Strategy, he founded House of Denim. A platform dedicated to the sustainable development of premium denim.

    Lisa Konno
    Lisa Konno

    Lisa Konno (Fashion designer) 

    Always searching for innovative ways to handle design Lisa aims to walk a different path in fashion and work on projects that challenge the current fashion system. Her work is always a balance of activism and aesthetics and often contains many colours and prints. Lisa never wants to lose the optimistic, fun and ever changing look that fashion can bring but shake off the unethical ways of the industry. The main purpose of her work is to use fashion to tell socially relevant stories. In 2014, Lisa Konno graduated at the Fashion Design department of Artez in Arnhem. Since then she presented several collections and collaborations at Amsterdam Fashion Week, Dutch Design Week, Tokyo Design Week and FOAM. Her latest collection “NOBU” is inspired by her Japanese father: Nobuaki Konno. The collection and short film reflect on his Dutch and Japanese identity, caricaturizes cultural misunderstandings and the hype about Japan and at the same time draws an intimate portrait of her father as an immigrant. With NOBU Lisa recently won a Dutch Design Award.

    Dena Simaite
    Dena Semaite

    Dena Simaite (Noumenon) 

    Inspired by the Noumenal world of the philosopher Kant, Dena’s vision is to create cruelty-free fashion which is ethically produced yet sophisticated. The timeless garments are composed for the conscious woman who wants to feel beautiful and comfortable, from the inside and out. For Dena, design and quality are key. She believes that fashion is even more beautiful when created ethically and cruelty-free. It is therefore not a surprise that she thinks highly of pure fabrics. The collection exists of linen, organic cotton, cupro and Tencel (recycled woodpulp), but Simaite also works with innovative recycled fabrics and gives surplus fabrics a new life. Every fabric and garment finds its origin in Europe, to reduce as much CO2 as possible. Furthermore, the ink used for the prints are environmentally friendly. Also, the brand labels are made from recycled cotton and the tags are made of recycled paper. Last but not least, every order placed in Amsterdam will be delivered in a recycled package by the 100% electric company car BIRO. With Noumenon Dena hopes to the change the world in a positive way. Her motto is: Change the world, and look amazing while you do it.

  • 17:00 - 18:00 - Nightlife
    De School

    Ernst Mertens (De School) 

    Taking over a former school building in Amsterdam West, De School is a nightclub, restaurant and cultural complex. The basement nightclub (located in the school's former bike storage) is one of De School's biggest draws thanks to an elegant programme of live music and clubbing events. The 500 capacity club forms part of a wider cultural centre in the former school buildings that also houses young creative businesses and artist studios as well as a concert venue, restaurant, cafe, exhibition space and a gym.

    Aziz Yagoub
    Aziz Yagoub

    Aziz Yagoub (Perron, Toffler) 

    People declared him crazy. They told him it would never work. However, the pop stage Annabel founded by this Rotterdam cultural entrepreneur now exists for 4 years and is thriving more than ever. Aziz grew up in a tough neighborhood in the south of Rotterdam. He was, in his own words, a difficult kid, being kicked out of secondary schools multiple times. As a teenager, he started organizing his own events. That soon became his passion which led to the establishment of the well-known event organization Revolt. He became the owner of the infamous techno club Perron and realized his biggest dream 4 years ago: his own pop stage. He also owns the club Transport, Ballroom (trendy restaurant on the Witte De Withstraat) and is the organizer of the festivals REC, Expedition, Transistor, Kralingse Bosfestival, Nachtduik and Het Vrije Volkfestival.

    Ramon de Lima
    Ramon de Lima

    Ramon de Lima (Stichting N8BM A’dam)

    Ramon is currently project leader and board member of the Night Mayor Foundation. An independent, not-for-profit foundation, aimed at ensuring that Amsterdam has a dynamic and vibrant nightlife – by bridging the gaps between the municipality, businesses like nightclubs and festivals, and residents. He has been working for the foundation since 2011 and contributed to the professionalization of the Night Mayor in Amsterdam.  In 2017 Ramon co-founded Kondo. A (now closed) non-commercial pop-up culture space, located in the old eastern port of Amsterdam. In it’s short and ‘under the radar’ existence, Kondo actively advocated for an inclusive dance floor and provided an important platform for young local artists. The temporary club was not only a fascinating experiment that raises questions about the night life policy of the municipality of Amsterdam. Kondo showed how you as a community can make a difference. A new chapter of Kondo is in the pipeline. Besides working on these two main projects, Ramon is a journalist that explores electronic music and the lifestyles that orbit it, touching on art, contemporary culture and technology in the process.

    Jordy den Haan
    Jordy den Haan

    Jordy den Haan (Museumnacht Amsterdam| N8)

    Museum Night Amsterdam truly is a night at the museum, with exceptional and surprising cultural programming across the entire city. On the first Saturday in November every year, Museum Night Amsterdam sees around 50 museums in the city open their doors from 19:00 to 02:00 and organise special events, including workshops, concerts, special tours and performances.

    Patricia Weijman
    Patricia Weijman

    Patricia Weijman (JACK Amsterdam)

    Patricia is the founder of one of the newest additions to Amsterdam’s nightlife: JACK Club - a Berlin-inspired, LGBTQ-friendly House and Techno club located in the South-East of Amsterdam, with a rooftop terrace overlooking the city. What’s special about JACK, is that the club was mostly crowd-funded with over 40.000 Euro. In addition, it is the only club in Amsterdam with a permanent license. The club is modular, which means that the space can be adjusted in size and shape to suit its purpose. Prior to founding JACK, Patricia had collected experience in both the cultural and commercial industries and had also worked with events and festivals. Her drive for JACK was to enrich Amsterdam’s nightlife with an institution, which dares to think and act outside of the box when it comes to in music and culture in nightlife.


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