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International Strategy & Marketing

Research and Publications

Forthcoming Publications 2019

Articles in international refereed journals

Aguilera, R.V., Marano, V. & Haxhi, I. (2019). International Corporate Governance: A Review and Opportunities for Future Research. Forthcoming at Journal of International Business Studies, 1-42,

Alexiev, A., Volberda, H., Jansen, J. & Bosch, F. van den (2019). Contextualizing Senior Executive Advice Seeking: The Role of Decision Process Comprehensiveness and Empowerment Climate. Forthcoming in Organization Studies

Arping, S.R. (2019). Capital Regulation and Bank Deposits. Forthcoming in Review of Finance.

Bridoux, F. & Vishwanathan, P. (2019). When do powerful stakeholders give managers the latitude to balance all stakeholders’ interests? Forthcoming in Business & Society.

Buuse, D. van den & Kolk, A. (2019). An exploration of smart city approaches by international ICT firms. Forthcoming Technological Forecasting and Social Change142, 220-234.

Ciulli, F. & Kolk, A. (2019). Incumbents and business model innovation for the sharing economy: Implications for sustainability. Journal of Cleaner Production214, 995-1010.

Ciulli, F., Kolk, A. & Boe-Lillegraven, S. (2019). Circularity brokers: Digital platform organizations and waste recovery in food supply chains. Forthcoming in Journal of Business Ethics.

Delft, S. von, Kortmann, S., Gelhard, C. & Pisani, N. (2019). Leveraging global sources of knowledge for business model innovation. Forthcoming in Long Range Planning.

Georgallis, P., Dowell, G. & Durand, R. (2019). Shine on me: Industry coherence and policy support for emerging industries. Forthcoming in Administrative Science Quarterly.

Huang, S. C., Kupor, D., Maimaran, M. & Weihrauch, A. (2019). Leveraging Means-Goal Associations to Boost Children’s Water Consumption: Persuasion in a Four-School, Three-Month Field Experiment. Forthcoming in Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 4, (1), 77-86.

Hüffmeier, J., Zerres, A., Freund, Ph.A. & Backhaus, K. (2019). Strong or Weak Synergy? Revising the Assumption of Team-Related Advantages in Integrative Negotiations. Forthcoming in Journal of Management.

Kourula, A.E., Paukku, M.P., Peterman, A. & Koria, M. (2019). Intermediary roles in regulatory programs: Toward a role‐based framework. Forthcoming in Regulation & Governance, 1.

Kourula, A., Peterman, A., Paukku, M. & Koria, M. (2018). Intermediary roles in regulatory programs: Toward a role-based framework. Forthcoming in Regulation & Governance.

Mattison Thompson, F.H., Tuzovic, S. & Braun, C. (2019). Trustmarks: Strategies for exploiting their full potential in e-commerce. Forthcoming in Business Horizons 62(2), 237-247.

Pisani, N., Kolk, A., Ocelik, V. & Wu, G. (2019). Does it pay for cities to be green? An investigation of FDI inflows and environmental sustainability. Forthcoming in Journal of International Business Policy2, (1), 62-85.

Scalera, V.G., Mukherjee, D. & Piscitello, L. (2019). Ownership strategies in knowledge-intensive cross-border acquisitions: Comparing Chinese and Indian MNEs. Forthcoming in Asia Pacific Journal of Management.

Publications 2018

Articles in international refereed journals

Alexiev, A.S., Janssen, M. & Hertog, P. den (2018). The Moderating Role of Tangibility in Synchronous Innovation in Services. Journal of Product Innovation Management35, (5), 682-700.

Betancourt, N., Kovács, B. & Otner, S.M.G. (2018). The perception of status: How we infer the status of others from their social relationships. Network Science6, (3).

Chowdury, R., Kourula, A.E. & Siltaoja, M.E. (2018). Power of Paradox: Grassroots Organizations’ Legitimacy Strategies Over Time. Business & Society, 1.

Demmers, J., Dolen, W.M. van & Weltevreden, J. (2018). Handling consumer messages on social networking sites: Customer service or privacy infringement? International Journal of Electronic Commerce22, (1).

Durand, R. & Georgallis, P. (2018). Differential firm commitment to industries supported by social movement organizations. Organization Science, 29, (1).

Ellis, D. & Mattison Thompson, F. (2018). The effect of wine knowledge type on variety seeking behavior in wine purchasing. Journal of Wine Research29, (2), 71-86.

Guyt, J. & Gijsbrechts, E. (2018). On consumer choice patterns and the net impact of feature promotions. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 35, (3), 490-508.

Kolk, A. & Rivera-Santos, M. (2018). The State of Research on Africa in Business and Management. Insights from a Systematic Review of Key International Journals. Business & Society57, (3), 415-436.

Kolk, A. & Lenfant, F. (2018). Responsible business under adverse conditions: Dilemmas regarding company contributions to local development. Business Strategy & Development1, (1), 8-16.

Kolk, A., Rivera-Santos, M. & Rufín, C. (2018). Multinationals, international business, and poverty: A cross-disciplinary research overview and conceptual framework. Journal of International Business Policy1, (1-2), 92-115.

Pisani, N., Muller, A. & Bogăţan, P. (2018). Top management team internationalization and firm-level internationalization: The moderating effects of home-region institutional diversity and firm global focus. Journal of International Management24, (3), 239-256.

Pisani, N. & Ricart, J.E. (2018). Offshoring innovation to emerging countries: The effects of IP protection and cultural differences on firms’ decision to augment versus exploit home-base-knowledge. Management International Review58, (6), 871-909.

Verhagen, T., Dolen, W.M. van & Merikivi, J. (2018). The Influence of In-Store Personnel on Online Store Value: An Analogical Transfer Perspective. Psychology & Marketing36, (3), 161-174.

Publications 2017

Articles in international refereed journals

Bridoux, F., Coeurderoy, R. & Durand, R. (2017). Heterogeneous social motives and interactions: the three predictable paths of capability development.  Strategic Management Journal.

Dahlmann, F., Kolk, A. & Lindeque, J. (2017). Emerging energy geographies: Scaling and spatial divergence in European electricity generation capacity. European Urban and Regional Studies.

Hafenbrädl, S. & Waeger, D. (2017). Ideology and the Microfoundations of CSR: Why Executives Believe in the Business Case for CSR and how this Affects their CSR Engagements. Academy of Management Journal.

Haxhi I., & Aguilera, R.V. (2017). An Institutional Configurational Approach to Cross-National Diversity in Corporate Governance.  Journal of Management Studies.

Kolk, A. & Curran, L. (2017). Contesting a place in the sun: On ideologies in foreign markets and liabilities of origin.  Journal of Business Ethics.

Kolk, A., Kourula, A. & Pisani, N. (2017). Multinational Enterprises and the Sustainable Development Goals: What do we know and how to proceed? Transnational Corporations.

Kolk, A. & Lenfant, F. (2017). Responsible business under adverse conditions: Dilemmas regarding company contributions to local development. Business Strategy and Development

Kolk, A. & Rivera-Santos, M. (2017). The state of research on Africa in business and management. Insights from a systematic review of key international journals. Business & Society

Kolk, A. & Tsang, S. (2017). Co-evolution in relation to small cars and sustainability in China: Interactions between central and local governments, and with business. Business & Society.

Kourula, A. & Mäkinen, J. (2017). Bringing Political Context Back into International Business Studies of Human Rights.  Management and Organization Review.

Kourula, A., Pisani, N. & Kolk, A. (2017). Corporate Sustainability and Inclusive Development: Highlights from International Business and Management Research.  Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 

Metha, R., Demmers, J., Dolen, W.M. van & Weinberg C. (2017). When Red Means Go: Non-Normative Effects of Red Under Sensation-Seeking.  Journal of Consumer Psychology

Mudambi, R., Mudambi, S., Mukherjee, D. & Scalera V.G. (2017). Global connectivity and the evolution of industrial clusters: From tires to polymers in Northeast Ohio. Industrial Marketing Management.

Pedersen, E., Lauesen, L. & Kourula, A. (2017). Back to Basics: Exploring Perceptions of of Stakeholders within the Swedish Fashion Industry. Social Responsibility Journal.

Perri, A., Scalera, V.G. & Mudambi, R. (2017). What are the most promising sources of foreign knowledge? Innovation catch-up in the Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry. Industrial and Corporate Change.

Pisani, N., Caldart, A. & Hopma, J. (2017). SMEs' formation of minority international joint ventures and level of internationalization: The moderating role of a global versus regional focus.  European Management Journal

Pisani, N., Kourula, A., Kolk, A. & Meijer, R. (2017). How global is international CSR research? Insights and recommendations from a systematic review. Journal of World Business.

Stoelhorst, J.W. (2017). Better Than Rational: A Naturalistic View of Economic Governance. Complexity, Governance & Networks.

Vonkeman, C.C., Verhagen, T. & Dolen, W.M. van (2017). The Role of Local Presence in Online Impulse Buying. Information & Management.

Weber, K. & Waeger, D. (2017). Organizations As Polities: An Open Systems Perspective.  Academy of Management Annals.

Publications 2016

Articles in international refereed journals

Alexiev, A.S., Volberda, H.W. & Bosch, F.A.J. van den (2016). Interorganizational collaboration and firminnovativeness: Unpacking the role of the organizational environment. Journal of Business Research

Betancourt, N. & Wezel, F.C. (2016). The Credibility of Social Climbing: When Does Inter-Firm Mobility [Not] Influence Organizational Status? Organization Science

Bridoux, F.M. & Stoelhorst, J.W. (2016). Stakeholder Relationships and Social Welfare: A Behavioral Theory of Contributions to Joint Value Creation. Academy of Management Review

Bridoux, F., Stofberg, N. & Hartog, D.N. den (2016). Stakeholders' Responses to CSR Tradeoffs: When Other- Orientation and Trust Trump Material Self-Interest. Frontiers in Psychology,

Bryant G.A. et al. (+ 31 co-authors in alphabetical order, including Quintelier K.) (2016). Detecting affiliation in colaughter across 24 societies. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

Halme. M., Kourula, A., Lindeman, S., Kallio, G., Lima-Toivanen, M. & Korsunova, A. (2016). Sustainability Innovation at the Base of the Pyramid Through Multi-Sited Rapid Ethnography. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management.

Jing, L., Konus, U., Langerak, F. & Weggeman, M. (2016). Customer Channel Migration and Firm Choice: The Effects of Cross-Channel Competition. International Journal of Electronic Commerce.

Jing, L., Konus, U., Pauwels, K. & Langerak, F. (2016). The Hare and the Tortoise: Are Early Adopters of Online Channel Really More Profitable? Journal of Retailing.

Kauppila, O. P. & Tempelaar, M. P. (2016). The Social-Cognitive Underpinnings of Employees’ Ambidextrous Behaviour and the Supportive Role of Group Managers’ Leadership. Journal of Management Studies.

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Westermann-Behaylo, M.K., Buren, H.J. van & Berman, S.L. (2016). Stakeholder Capability Enhancement as a Path to Promote Human Dignity and Cooperative Advantage. Business Ethics Quarterly.

Publications 2015 

Articles in International Refereed Journals

Bohnsack, R., Kolk, A. & Pinkse, J. (2015). Catching recurring waves: Low-emission vehicles, international policy developments and firm innovation strategies. Technological Forecasting and Social Change.

Hart, T., David, P., Shao, F., Fox, C., & Westermann-Behaylo, M. (2015). An examination of the impact of executive compensation disparity on corporate social performance. Strategic Organization.

Jing, L., , Konuş, U., Pauwels, K., & Langerak, F. (2015). The Hare and the Tortoise: Are Early Adopters of Online Channel Really More Profitable?. Journal of Retailing.

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Kolk, A. & Lenfant, F. (2015). Cross-sector collaboration, institutional gaps and fragility: The role of social innovation partnerships in a conflict-affected region.  Journal of Public Policy & Marketing.

Kolk, A., Van Dolen, W.M. & Ma, L. (2015). Consumer perceptions of CSR: (how) is China different? International Marketing Review.

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Publications 2014

Articles in International Refereed Journals

Bohnsack, R., Pinkse, J. & Kolk, A. (2014). Business models for sustainable technologies: Exploring business model evolution in the case of electric vehicles. Research Policy.

Bridoux, F. & Stoelhorst, J.W. (2014). Microfoundations for Stakeholder Theory: Managing Stakeholders with Heterogeneous Motives. Strategic Management Journal.

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Publications 2013

Articles in International Refereed Journals

Bridoux, F., Smith, K. G. & Grimm, C. (2013). The management of resources: Temporal effects of different types of actions on performance. Journal of Management.

De Graaf, F.J. & Stoelhorst, J.W. (2013). The Role of Corporate Governance in Corporate Social Responsibility: Lessons from Dutch Finance. Business & Society.

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Publications 2012

Articles in international refereed journals

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Publications 2011

Articles in international refereed journals

Bridoux, F., Coeurderoy, R. & Durand, R. (2011). Heterogeneous motives and the collective creation of value. Academy of Management Review.

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