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03-09-2019New publication in the Journal of Marketing about promoting repurposed products through past identity salience.

Companies in the business of marketing repurposed products might benefit from alerting their customers to the past identity of their products, a promotional strategy the authors of this paper refer to as past identity salience. This is because past identity salience focuses consumers on the unique story of the product, which in turn makes them feel special with it. The findings of this paper highlight a promising new facet of storytelling, creating new opportunities for promoting products with a prior life, while delivering detailed guidance for the largely unexplored, yet growing market for up-cycled and recycled products, a market that holds great potential in contributing to the reduction of global waste.

Carina Thürridl started her tenure track position at the Amsterdam Business School in July 2019. Her research focuses on consumer behavior, in particular on novel ways of consumption. One stream of research explores how marketing can be leveraged for mindful consumption.

Her paper A Cinderella Story: How Past Identity Salience Boosts Demand for Repurposed Products is available (open access). For questions or comments, please contact Carina Thürridl

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12-08-2019New special issue of prestigious academic journal explores the role of government in responsible business

Corporate responsibility is often thought of as a voluntary activity that companies undertake. Nonetheless, governments across Europe and the world are redefining their role(s) in achieving business responsibility and sustainability. A new special issue in the journal Organization Studies examines how these roles have developed in the past decades and how new ones are emerging. The special issue guest editors are Arno Kourula (University of Amsterdam), Jeremy Moon (Copenhagen Business School), Marie-Laure Salles-Djelic (Sciences Po), and Christopher Wickert (Vrije Universiteit).

The guest editors argue that understanding and problematizing assumptions related to what governments should do in the governance of business conduct can be very fruitful for policymakers in developing approaches to promoting business responsibility and sustainability. Similarly, they call for practitioners to question their assumption and rethink their interaction and role in relation to government in developing their corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy. The special issue articles offer several empirical insights and examples across the world.

Please find the introductory essay New Roles of Government in the Governance of Business Conduct: Implications for Management and Organizational Research (open access). For questions or comments, please contact Arno Kourula.

15-06-2019: First Academic Multichannel Conference Attracts Top Scholars, Increases Collaboration

Last month, The University of Amsterdam Business School and the Department of Management at the University of Bologna teamed-up to co-create the first academic Multi-channel Marketing Conference, which brought together leading scholars across the globe to discuss emerging research on the effectiveness of marketing activities along the customer journey. 

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23-4-2019: Survey - The Dutch Innovation Monitor

How innovative are Dutch companies? How do they deal with current challenges such as the Brexit and the energy transition? To answer these questions the Amsterdam Centre for Business Innovation is conducting its Dutch Innovation Monitor.

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5-4-2019: ABS research - Does it pay for cities to be green?

Air pollution is considered to be the greatest human health risk and over 60% of the world population has to deal with water scarcity. City governments are expected to take the lead in tackling these major issues. But is it also economically advantageous for them to do so?

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21-11-2018: Arno Kourula MBA lecturer of the year 2018

Lecturer Arno Kourula has been voted Lecturer of the Year 2018 by MBA students. Students were able to vote for their favourite MBA lecturer one month before graduating.

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25-10-2018: Loop.a life to use MSc BA student recommendations in strategy

Circular cloth and lifestyle brand Loop.a life plans to use Msc Business Administration student recommendations in its strategy development, writes HUB Amsterdam in the article How the UvA supports our Investment Ready startups. During the Sustainable Business Models course, students analysed existing take-back schemes to determine which were most appropriate for Loop.a life.

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18-07-2018: Veni research grants for three talented ABS researchers.

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded Veni grants worth up to €250,000 to three Amsterdam Business School researchers. The ABS researchers obtained three of the five grants awarded in the fields of economics and business.

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27-06-2018: Best published article award for ABS researchers.

Three Amsterdam Business School researchers have won the International Association for Business and Society’s (IABS) 2017 best published paper award for their article on the state of international research on corporate social responsibility and sustainability topics.

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03-11-2017: ABS Researcher receives prestigious grant.

Dr Michelle Westermann-Behaylo, Assistant Professor of International Management at the Amsterdam Business School (International Strategy and Marketing section), was recently awarded an NWO-WOTRO Science for Global Development research grant.

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04-10-2017: Vittoria Scalera is co-editing a special issue on Journal of World Business.

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05-05-2017: Ilir Haxhi, Assistant Professors of Strategy and Corporate Governance, published his paper entitled "An Institutional Configurational Approach to Cross-National Diversity in Corporate Governance"in the Journal of Management Studies.

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22-01-2017: Citation of excellence award for article Ans Kolk
Ans Kolk recently received an Emerald citation of excellence award for her 2014 article entitled ‘Reviewing a Decade of Research on the "Base/Bottom of the Pyramid" (BOP) Concept’, co-authored with Miguel Rivera-Santos & Carlos Rufin. This article was also honoured as most-cited paper in the journal in which it was published, Business & Society, over the year 2016.

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