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STAP budget

The STAP budget is a personal budget not exceeding €1,000 per annum for the purposes of education, training or a course. The Dutch Government issues this subsidy through the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV).

Working people or jobseekers can apply for a STAP budget for a UvA Academy programme through the UWV’s portal. At present, the national STAP register only includes a limited number of programmes offered by UvA Academy.

The next application period is set to run from 3 July until 3 September 2023 

For whom is the STAP budget intended?

  1. You must be aged 18+ and not yet have reached pensionable age (as defined by the General Old Age Pensions Act, or AOW), which in 2022 is 66 years and 7 months.
  2. You must be an EU citizen or the partner of an EU citizen.
  3. You must have paid social security contributions in the Netherlands for not less than 6 months during the period of 27 months leading up to 3 months prior to the subsidy application.
  4. You must not yet have taken any course of education or training paid for by means of the STAP budget in the current calendar year.

UvA Academy STAP range

The range of STAP courses offered by the UvA Academy is constantly changing and will be expanding further over the next few months. The STAP register currently features the following programmes:

STAP budget application periods

The course or training must start at least four weeks after the application period, but within no more than three months of it. There are various application periods. A new application period starts every 2 months. If the funding for any given period has been fully allocated, you are welcome to try again in a subsequent application period.

Application period Programme commencement dates
3 July to 3 September 2023 between 31 July and 30 November 2023
4 September to 31 October 2023 between 2 October and 31 January 2024
1 November to 31 December 2023  between 29 November and 31 March 2024

Applying for STAP budget

Step 1
Enrol in the programme of your choice and tick the box that says you wish to apply for the STAP budget. If you will be looking to submit an application for the STAP budget on 3 July 2023, please ensure that you have enrolled for the programme by no later than Friday 30 June 2023.

Step 2
You will be sent a confirmation of participation and a STAP proof of enrolment (SAB). Please keep this (PDF) document safe, as you will need it to apply for your STAP budget.

Step 3
Add 3 July 10:00 in your diary. This is when the STAP budget application process will open via (STAP proof of enrolment required). Log in using your DigID and enter the details that we have provided. We encourage you to already log in to the system from 09.30 onwards.

Step 4
The UWV will send you a notification regarding your subsidy application.

Step 5
You let us know whether your application has been approved or rejected by the UWV.
If your subsidy application has been approved, the amount due will be paid to the UvA Academy. UvA Academy will subsequently deduct this from the invoice. If your application is not successful, and you would therefore prefer not to go ahead with the course or training, you will be free to cancel your enrolment (at no cost to you).

It could be that we have no choice but to cancel or postpone a programme due to insufficient enrolment levels. This will result in your STAP budget being withdrawn. In such circumstances, we will let you know what your new options are.

Terms and conditions for STAP scheme participation

By using a STAP proof of enrolment from the UvA Academy, you are consenting to UvA Academy correctly implementing the STAP scheme insofar as the latter requires UvA Academy in the capacity of programme provider to take implementation action within the scope of this scheme.

As a participant in a programme, you bear responsibility for: 1) applying for budget; 2) satisfying the terms and conditions associated with the STAP budget being paid out for the purposes of the course; and 3) the consequences in the event of the application being rejected.

If we cancel the programme, your STAP budget will be withdrawn for that programme and you will need to reapply for a different programme in a new application period.

Do please bear in mind that the UWV – the Government body that manages the STAP scheme – requires a minimum of 80% attendance at the programme. We reserve the right to keep a record of your attendance throughout the programme.

The budget earmarked for the STAP scheme in a given year or application period is finite, so the UvA Academy will not cover the costs associated with rejection of an application by the UWV.

We also reserve the right to cancel a programme. It goes without saying that we will inform you of this in a timely manner.

About STAP

Tuition fees and other education and training-related expenses were made non-tax deductible on 1 January 2022. The STAP budget subsidy scheme is the replacement. STAP stands for ‘Stimulans Arbeidsmarkt Positie’ (‘Job Market Position Incentive’). The scheme is intended for those in work and jobseekers aged 18+. Eligibility does not extend to anyone claiming other support measures, including student grants or a study voucher.

Any questions?

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