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Enrolment for the revamped two-year Executive Programme of Digital Auditing (EPDA) at the UvA’s Amsterdam Business School will open on 1 March 2018.

“In the digital age the need for confidence is greater than ever. Confidence in the reliability of systems, the security of networks, and the accuracy of financial data. Digital auditing provides this confidence by using hard data to test these systems to ensure they meet clear standards. This allows for transparent reporting of the findings. Digital auditing is a crucial link in managing technological risks and improving the quality of our systems”, says programme director Prof. Edo Roos Lindgreen (RE).

Solid foundation

The new programme  (information in Dutch) builds on a solid foundation: the Amsterdam IT-Audit Programme, a programme that has consistently received positive evaluations from students and employers since 2005. New courses have been added to this high-quality programme, such as the Data Science for Auditors module. The curriculum is updated annually so the latest technological advances and scientific research results are incorporated in the programme.

Added value

In the programme, students learn how to analyse and understand digital processes, systems and infrastructures based on hard data and issue high-impact reports on their findings. This means the programme is not only suitable for professionals aspiring to a career as a digital auditor, it also has significant added value for accountants, internal auditors, consultants, professionals and managers.

Candidates with an MSc or BSc degree can enrol in the programme; admission will be determined on an individual basis. There is a waiting-list for this programme.

The Executive Programme of Digital Auditing (information in Dutch) is accredited by NOREA, the professional association for IT-auditors in the Netherlands. Programme participants who successfully complete the programme can apply for registration as as a Register EDP-Auditor (RE).

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