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The Executive Master of International Finance at the University of Amsterdam Business School will incorporate Fintech, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies into the curriculum.

ABS is the first business school in the Netherlands offering these courses as part of the post-experience Master in International Finance programme. Blockchain is about the hottest topic in finance at the moment and 2016 was the year of FinTech. The finance industry is hiring far fewer people than before, and they want their new hires to have skills in 'big data' analytics as well as familiarity with new technologies and platforms. They are also facing market entry from new competitors such as telecom companies and big tech firms like Apple, Google, and Amazon.

FinTech and business schools

Professor David Yermack, chair of NYU Stern’s finance department, lecturer for the 'FinTech: Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies' course at ABS starting in September, says: “I think the FinTech curriculum will have to be taught at every business school, because students and employers will demand it. Finance courses need to become much more interdisciplinary and aggressively integrate information technology, digital marketing, and other fields. The regulatory climate is evolving quickly, and students should knowledgeable about the latest developments in this field as well.


Working with Blockchain means working in a rapidly growing area of finance. The technology has everyone from investment banks Goldman Sachs, UBS and JPMorgan Chase, to start-ups such as Circle and Coinbase salivating at its potential uses. Accenture reckons it could cut finance industry costs by $20 billion annually by 2021.

Financial services executives are demanding executive education courses focused on Blockchain. This technology has the potential to radically change the financial services industry and beyond.

Anticipating changes

Programme Director Dr Jens Martin: “We believe that technological change will disrupt the finance industry in the next years. We at the Master in International Finance at the Amsterdam Business School strive to be at the forefront of education in Finance, and especially Fintech, to understand how these changes work. How will they affect the finance sector of the future and how can we equip our students with the necessary tools and understanding to successfully face these disruptions?


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