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NWO has approved a grant proposal for PhD research at ABS (International Strategy & Marketing Section). The project was submitted by Khadija van der Straaten, in collaboration with Ans Kolk and Fabienne Fortanier (who will be supervisor and co-supervisor, respectively).

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Khadija van der Straaten, who is a lecturer at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences , obtained a cum laude MSc degree in Management Studies at UvA Economics and Business last year. Her dissertation proposal is titled “International trade and domestic inequality: A combined macro, meso and micro level approach”. It will combine insights from the fields of international business and development economics, comparable to earlier PhD research on multinationals and foreign direct investment, successfully defended by Fabienne Fortanier in 2008, also under Ans Kolk’s supervision.
Van der Straaten’s research will include the use of data on trade in value added trade and well-being from the OECD, where Fortanier is head of the trade statistics department. The NWO grant is what is referred to as a 'promotiebeurs voor leraren’ (‘scholarship for teachers’) and the research will be carried out on a part-time basis.