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Student reviews

What do students and alumni think of our MSc in Finance? Why did they choose this programme and do they have useful tips?

'A balanced view on what to expect after graduation'

Denitsa Yoncheva (Corporate Finance track) feels that the courses show many different sides of finance as a working field. 'This gives quite a balanced view on what to expect after graduation.'

'What I enjoyed most was teaming up with fellow students'

Wang Xinling (Corporate Finance track) feels that her understanding of financial knowledge has gotten deeper through the fusion of different ideas. 'The multi-cultural background of students and faculty stimulate you to being open to new ways of thinking.'

Arthur Croes

'Lecturers really think about how to link theory to practice'

Arthur Croes (Finance & Real Estate Finance track) feels that lectureres spend a lot of time reading your work and answering all your questions. 'They are strongly involved with the courses, which is nice.'

Maxim van Acker

'You study in an international environment'

Maxim van Acker (Finance track) cites the Valuation course as an example of international team work. 'We had to value a firm and the professor made the groups as internationally orientated as possible. This led to interesting discussions on the assignment.'

Reinier Zonneveld

'The combined track was very appealing'

Reinier Zonneveld (Finance & Real Estate Finance track) states that there is plenty of  room to tailor the programme to your own preferences by choosing electives. 'The courses in the 1st period provide you with broad knowledge. During the electives and the Master’s thesis you can expand on that.'

Roxanne Schultz

'Lecturers are both academics and corporate executives'

Roxanne Schultz (Finance & Real Estate Finance track) really appreciated to learn from both UvA professors and industry exerts. 'It provides you with the perfect combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience.'

Dorinth van Dijk

'You work in really small groups'

Dorinth van Dijk (Finance & Real Estate Finance track) feels that the small-group lectures were the best part of this track. 'It allows you to get to know your fellow students, but also to approach the lecturers in a more informal way. In one of the courses we went on a boat trip with the lecturers and several alumni.'

Hugo Roosjen

'Case discussions with fellow students were a big plus'

Hugo Roosjen (Real Estate Finance track) really appreciated the interaction during lectures and tutorials. 'You discuss many cases with your fellow students. In my opinion, this is a big plus. It triggers you constantly to come up with proper arguments to support your point of view.'