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Alumnus review

Maxim van Acker

'You study in an international environment'

Maxim van Acker - alumnus Finance

'When I studied abroad at one of the University of Amsterdam’s partner universities, I realised how well respected the UvA actually is among students from all over the world. This, in addition to my prior experience here and the prospect of a Finance programme with great professors and facilities, was the reason to continue my studies in Amsterdam.'

'The programme consists of mandatory courses and elective courses. The electives really give you the opportunity to specialise in your field of interest. One of the courses I enjoyed most was the Financial Markets course. During the tutorials, enthusiastic professors showed us how to solve models related to recent financial market issues like High Frequency Trading and, more importantly, that it is vital to think about the outcomes.'

'Studying at the Amsterdam Business School means studying in an international environment. In the Valuation course for example, we had a group assignment where we had to value a firm. The professor made the groups as internationally orientated as possible, leading to interesting discussions on the assignment.'

'Next to the international orientation, the ABS offers great facilities. There are plenty of computers and places to study and all the lecture rooms have modern equipment. There are many study associations that organise career orientation events. I'll start attending some of them in order to prepare myself for a career in Finance.'