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Student review

Dorinth van Dijk

'You work in really small groups'

Dorinth van Dijk - Real Estate Finance track

'During my Bachelor’s programme in Human Geography, I became interested in real estate. Unfortunately, quantitative methods were not really a topic of interest during my Bachelor’s phase.'

'I did a pre-Master's programme in Economics in which some attention was given to these subjects. Real Estate Finance seemed like a great programme where qualitative and quantitative methods are combined and the Master’s programme in Finance at the UvA allowed me to do the dual track Finance/Real Estate Finance.'

'The programme has met my expectations regarding this combination. The best part about the Real Estate Finance track is the relatively small tutorial/lecture-groups you get to work in. This allows you to get to know you fellow students, but also to approach the lecturers in a more informal way. In one course you actually go on a boat trip and have drinks with the lecturers and several alumni. This is something you won’t experience in the Finance programme for example.'

'During the first 2 periods, the study load is relatively heavy. In these periods you have to do several group assignments which take up a lot of your time. The Amsterdam Business Schools’ policy is to mix different nationalities, therefore you will really get to know other cultures.'

'I started working as a project researcher at the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) during my last months at the ABS. I also worked as a student-assistant at my university where I did my Bachelor's (Utrecht University). My plans are to get my PhD at the UvA and the Dutch Central Bank.'