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Student review

Arthur Croes

'Lecturers really think about how to link theory to practice'

Arthur Croes - Finance & Real Estate Finance track

'I chose the Real Estate Finance track because my knowledge concerning Real Estate was pretty limited and I was interested to learn more about it. It was also easy to combine this track with the Finance track of the Master's, and I considered this to be an attractive option.'

'There were several aspects that I particularly liked about the programme. The 1st is that the track is chosen by a relatively small group of people, so you follow lectures with the same small group a couple of times in the week. This way you get to know other students easily, especially since there are a number of assignments that have to be written in groups of 3 to 5 students.'

'The 2nd aspect I really enjoy are the courses itself. The lecturers really think about how to link theory to practice. For example, during one course you have to value existing properties in Amsterdam. Next you present the outcomes to a representative of an existing company, who subsequently makes remarks about the report. This is part of the reason I value the lecturers as well. They spend a lot of time reading your work and answering all your questions. They are strongly involved with the courses, which is nice.'

'The University of Amsterdam was the university where I got my Bachelor's degree and I had no inclination to move to another city or to study at another university. Studying in Amsterdam is great. It's a beautiful city to live in and it is not too large, so it can be easily traversed by bike.'

'One of the advantages is that there are a lot of students that live in Amsterdam , so there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people. Another plus is that it has a very diverse population. Lots of different nationalities live here, giving the city an international feel. My fellow students in the Real Estate Finance programme also came from a number of different countries.'