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Student review

testimonial entrepreneurship

'It is an in-depth journey into the entrepreneurial experience'

João Dutra 

'The Master's in Entrepreneurship expanded my perception of what it is to be an entrepreneur. Professors in the programme have multidisciplinary backgrounds in psychology, sociology, economics, and business, which allow students to think critically from multiple perspectives. It is an in-depth journey into the entrepreneurial experience, far beyond the superficial view commonly shared by the media.'

'Living in Amsterdam makes this experience unique. The city also has an exciting entrepreneurial scene and it is becoming a relevant innovation hub in Europe. ACE Venture Lab plays a leading role in this process as a start-up accelerator that actively supports researchers, scientists, students and entrepreneurs with tech-driven ideas looking to transform their concepts into a feasible business. I had the chance to work here and found it an enriching experience. ACE Venture Lab is located in a cool place called the Startup Village - literally, a village where tech and science-based startups are hosted!'

'Before starting the programme, I had created my own company and worked for an investment firm, helping early-stage entrepreneurs. At some point, I realised the entrepreneurial environment was becoming complex, and I felt the need of a structured framework to guide my work. In that sense, the Master's in Entrepreneurship provided me with a mindset and a tool kit to face that challenge. After finishing my degree, I got an offer to work in an innovation tech-hub in Asia, which reinforces the value and legitimacy of the course in a global setting.'