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Student reviews

What do students and alumni think of our Master's in Entrepreneurship? Why did they choose this programme and do they have useful tips?

Student reviews MSc Entrepreneurship UvA

Podcast: 'There were definately challenging parts'   

Pjotr Peulen tells you about his life at UvA and in Amsterdam. How did he experience his journey?
1. Whole podcast (14 min)
2. Why Entrepreneurship (1.48 min)
3. Study programme (7.54 min)
4. International environment (4.17 min)

Also watch Pjotr's video review on the MSc Entrepreneurship homepage.

Chantal Anker

'Something different than mainstream business administration'

Chantal Anker chose MSc Entrepreneurship because of UvA's and VU's worldwide, rankings. 'But also it is Amsterdam itself that she is in love with. 'It combines the international charm of a capital city with a scene that is best compared to a village.' 

testimonial entrepreneurship

'It is an in-depth journey into the entrepreneurial experience'

João Dutra feels the MSc Entrepreneurship expanded his perception of what it is to be an entrepreneur. 'Professors in the programme have multidisciplinary backgrounds. This allows you to think critically from multiple perspectives.'