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Our Master’s Entrepreneurship will train you for a career in which you will assess and bring to life innovative, viable and high-quality business ideas.

Wide set of options

Our alumni have started careers in a diversity of industries. They either start as entrepreneur, or are employed at a start-up, scale-up, or established organisation.

  • Work at a start-up or scale-up
    As Amsterdam hosts one of the largest startup hubs in Europe, there will be plenty of opportunities to work for a startup or scale-up. Already during the programme you will meet some of them through guest talks and real-life challenges.
  • Work at an established organisation
    More and more organisations are applying new venturing initiatives such as incubation programmes. Many organisations are looking for entrepreneurial graduates to help them bring to life innovative business ideas.
  • Become an entrepreneur
    During the programme we provide you opportunities to start exploring business ideas. Also after the programme there is plenty of assistance available to increase the chance of setting up a successful business.
  • Obtain a PhD degree
    This programme can also put you on a pathway to obtaining a PhD degree, becoming an entrepreneurship researcher or otherwise pursuing an academic career.
Time to find a job

3 months

Avarage starting salary


What positions do our graduates have?

This programme is suitable for all students who think they may (one day) want to be:

  • founder of their own venture
  • manager aiming to create an entrepreneurial culture
  • manager aiming to boost innovation
  • policymaker aiming to create conditions to stimulate entrepreneurship
  • project leader in innovation projects
Career journey blog

Career preparation during your Master's

Studying at the UvA Economics and Business goes beyond academic learning. Our Career Centre helps you to explore your options, develop skills and connect to companies so you can make your transition to the job market with confidence.

  • Career Journey

    We didn’t craft a one way programme, but selected essential options in 5 categories. This way you can put together your own career journey. In your own time. At your own pace.

  • Career preparation activities

    In addition to the career knowledge and skills you can develop, the UvA Economics and Business study associations and our corporate partners offer many activities to support you on your personal career journey. For example:

    • career coaching;
    • professional skills workshops;
    • network events;
    • personality tests;
    • CV-checks.

    This all helps to increase your employability and confidence about your next step after graduation.

Orientation Year Permit

The Orientation Year permit is a 1-year permit that allows recent international graduates to live and work in the Netherlands without a permit for 1 year.