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Applicants from another UvA or VU faculty or Dutch university

The 1st step of our application process for students from another UvA or VU faculty or Dutch university is checking the entry requirements of this Master’s. In your Embark application you will be asked to upload proof of all mentioned requirements. We want to guarantee students an interactive programme, for that reason we apply a selection procedure. This means that besides the entry requirements, your application will also be selected based on the selection criteria.

Entry requirements

The Admissions Office will evaluate your application for this programme based on: 

  • 1. Your academic Bachelor’s degree
    • Completed academic BSc, BA or LLB degree (or higher) from a research university. For example, one of the Bachelor's from our list of Dutch Bachelor’s degrees.
    • You need to have an academic working standard, including experience in academic writing. Course requirements: at least 5 ECTS in academic writing courses (e.g. a Bachelor’s thesis) at the 3rd year Bachelor’s level.
    • You need to have sound knowledge of research methodology, including sufficient analytical and statistical skills. Course requirements: at least 12 ECTS in research skills (qualitative and quantitative) at 3rd year Bachelor's level.
    • You need to have experience with entrepreneurship, demonstrated with completed courses in Entrepreneurship (at least 6 credits on 3rd-year Bachelor’s level) and/or entrepreneurial experience as (co-)founder or (co-)owner (at least 6 months, in the past 3 years).


Meeting the entry requirements alone is not a guarantee for admission. Besides the entry requirements you need to meet the selection criteria. This means that your application will be compared with other applicants. The selection is based on your GPA and motivation letter.   

  • 1. Your Grade Point Average (GPA)

    We are looking for students who have shown potential to keep up with the high level and workload of the programme. Therefore, one of the criteria on which your application will be assessed is the Grade Point Average (GPA).  

    We do not require a specific minimum GPA for this programme, but we will compare and assess the performance on all selection criteria to make an informed decision regarding placement into the programme. Please add your GPA calculation in your online application.

  • 2. Your motivational video

    In your application, you are expected to upload a video of max. 2 minutes, to explain why you would be a good fit for the Master’s programme and which experiences have led you to this decision. If this is technically not possible, a motivation letter (max. one A4) is also allowed. Both options will be evaluated equally.