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Applicants with an international degree

The 1st step of our application process for students with international prior education is checking the entry requirements of this Master’s.

Entry requirements

The Admissions Office will evaluate your eligibility on the basis of 5 criteria.

  • 1. Check the requirements of your academic Bachelor’s degree

    As an applicant, you can have various academic backgrounds to be eligible for admission to this programme, as long as you can indicate a history of having completed enough relevant courses.

    • Completed academic BSc, BA or LLB degree (or higher) from a research university.
    • An academic working standard, including experience in academic writing. Course requirements: at least 5 ECTS.
    • Sound knowledge of research methodology, including sufficient analytical and statistical skills. Course requirements: at least 12 ECTS in research skills (qualitative and quantitative) at 3rd year Bachelor's level.
    • Experience with entrepreneurship, demonstrated with completed courses in Entrepreneurship (at least 6 ECTS on 3rd year Bachelor’s level) and/or entrepreneurial experience as (co-)founder or (co-)owner (at least 6 months, in the past 3 year).
    • In your application, you need to upload a writing sample in English, your official course list, if available your Bachelor’s diploma and course descriptions of all the required courses.

    Please note that specific entry requirements apply to students with an African, Chinese, or Indian Bachelor's degree.

  • 2. Verify your English language proficiency

    In your application, you have to verify your English proficiency. You can do this by providing 1 of the following English proficiency test scores:

    • TOEFL IBT: 92 points overall and 22 points for each sub-score (TOEFL institution code: 9011).
      • The online TOEFL Home Edition is allowed for the intakes of February and September 2021. For students in mainland China who already attended TOEFLE ITP Plus China (with the Vericant interview as part of the testing) before the end of 2020, we will also accept this test for the 2021 intake.
    • IELTS (Academic test): 6.5 overall and 6.0 for each sub-score. The IELTS indicator test is not allowed.
    • Cambridge Assessment English
      • Certificate in Advanced English: 190 points overall and in each skill.
      • Certificate of Proficiency in English: 190 points overall and in each skill.

    Test scores must also conform to the following guidelines:

    • An official and sufficient English proficiency test score must be received by the application deadline.
    • If you do not provide a sufficient English proficiency test score before the application deadline, you must have an English proficiency test scheduled for a date which is before the application deadline.
    • Your English proficiency test score may not be more than 2 years old with respect to the start date of your programme. For example, if you are applying for the September 2021 intake we do not accept English proficiency tests taken before September 2019.

    Be sure to plan your test on time; test dates fill quickly and it can take several weeks for you to receive your results. Applications without a sufficient score or with a test date after the application deadline, will not be accepted.


    You may be exempted from an English proficiency test if you have obtained your Bachelor's degree in one of the following countries: The Netherlands, Australia, Canada (with the exception of Quebec), Ireland, Malta, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America.

  • 3. Upload a motivation letter and show personal initiative

    If you want to apply for this programme, we expect you to have the intrinsic motivation to test and build upon knowledge gained in the programme. Coursework is designed to keep with this expectation. It demands significant personal initiative and active contribution from you. In your application, you are asked to upload a  motivational video of max. 2 minutes. If this is technically not possible, a motivation letter is also allowed. Both options will be evaluated equally.

  • 5. Calculate your GPA

    We will assess your application in its entirety, but we are looking for students with good results in their Bachelor’s degree. Therefore, please mention your GPA calculation in your online application.