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Applicants from another Dutch faculty or university

The 1st step of our application process for students from another Dutch faculty or university is checking the entry requirements of this Master’s. In your online application you will be asked to upload proof of all mentioned requirements.

Entry requirements

The Admissions Office will evaluate your eligibility on the basis of 3 criteria.

  • 1. Check the requirements of your academic Bachelor’s degree

    An admissions committee will assess your eligibility for admission based on the entry requirements stated below. In the online application, you need to upload a writing sample in English, your official course list and course descriptions of all the required courses.

    • As long as you can indicate a history of having completed enough relevant courses, you might be eligible if you have a background from an academic research university (e.g. completed academic BSc, BA or LLB degrees). For example, one of the Bachelor's from our list of Dutch Bachelor’s degrees.
    • You need to have an academic working standard, including experience in academic writing. Course requirements: at least 5 ECTS in academic writing courses (e.g. a Bachelor’s thesis) at the 3rd-year Bachelor’s level.
    • You need to have sound knowledge of research methodology, including sufficient analytical and statistical skills. Course requirements: at least 12 ECTS in research skills (qualitative and quantitative) at 3rd year Bachelor's level.
    • You need to have experience with entrepreneurship, demonstrated with completed courses in Entrepreneurship (at least 6 credits on 3rd-year Bachelor’s level) and/or entrepreneurial experience as (co-)founder or (co-)owner (at least 6 months, in the past 3 year).
  • 3. Upload a motivation letter and show personal initiative

    If you want to apply for this programme, we expect you to have the intrinsic motivation to test and build upon knowledge gained in the programme. Coursework is designed to keep with this expectation. It demands significant personal initiative and active contribution from you. In your application, you are expected to upload a video of max. 2 minutes. If this is technically not possible, a motivation letter is also allowed. Both options will be evaluated equally.