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Business Administration (MSc)

Digital Marketing track

In the Digital Marketing track, you explore the impact of the digitised business environment on marketing processes and customer value creation. This track is one of 8 tracks you can opt for in our Master's in Business Administration.

Help organisations benefit from digital technology

The rapidly changing and digitised marketing environment creates new challenges and opportunities for the creation of customer value. In the Digital Marketing track, you explore a wide variety of phenomena related to the link between digitisation and marketing, from multichannel marketing and online customer journeys to social media and marketing analytics.

The Digital Marketing track has a strategic focus, in the sense that it analyses how current technologies affect the development and implementation of marketing strategy. Furthermore, it explores how digital data and marketing analytics can serve as instruments to improve marketing decision-making.

Theory and practice

Virtually every organisation faces the challenges and benefits of digital developments on a daily basis, so you will explore the links between academic concepts and the real-life business environment throughout the track. Business partners like Google, ING and Starbucks offer guest lectures and business cases, which you will tackle with your fellow students.

Track-specific courses

  • Theories of Marketing

    Focuses on the key and emerging theories that shape marketing management and marketing thought today. Core themes are the historical development of marketing thought, marketing strategy and consumer behaviour as the fundamental disciplines that marketing is built on, and the impact of current trends and digitisation on the function of marketing.

  • Digital Marketing and Analytics

    Establishes the importance of recent approaches and marketing analytics as key elements in understanding digital marketing in today’s world. Core themes are e.g. touchpoints and customer journeys on digital marketing platforms, search marketing and SEO, omni-channel customer management, and social media marketing and analytics.

  • Consumer Behaviour

    Provides insight into how people behave as consumers and discusses the theoretical and managerial implications of such behaviour for businesses. Core themes are the roots of consumer behaviour in consumer psychology, the role of environmental factors (social, media, technological), and contemporary developments, such as the impact of ethics and innovations on consumer perceptions and behaviour.

Real-life case: locate and design Starbucks stores

MSc Business Administration, Digital Marketing track

Starbucks plans to make use of information derived from social media posts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.) to make better decisions about locations and design for new coffee stores in the Amsterdam region.

It is your task to collect the relevant information, run the appropriate analyses, and develop sound recommendations to Starbucks management. More specifically:

  • Data: retrieve social media post data from different channels, focusing on information about the senders of the posts, their locations, and post content.
  • Analysis: run qualitative and quantitative analyses on these data to provide an insight into the type of visitors in a specific area (locals, tourists, business people, students etc.) and the topics those people discuss (e.g. needs and preferences, popular shops and restaurants etc.).
  • Recommendations: based on your social media analyses, advise Starbucks on the opening of new stores in Amsterdam, with a focus on store type and location (which stores in which areas?) and what the design and ‘feel’ of those stores should be.

Up-to-date issues

Examples of current and relevant digital marketing issues that could be discussed in class:

  • How does Netflix use digital marketing metrics to determine which shows to recommend?
  • How can online shopping giants like Alibaba use virtual reality to improve the shopping experience by creating a virtual shopping mall?
  • How do brands like Facebook balance their need for detailed consumer data with consumers’ privacy concerns?
  • How can Google use marketing analytics to increase traffic and conversion at its own Google merchandise store?
  • How does L’Oréal use artificial intelligence for skin diagnostics to provide personalised skin treatment advice?

Career prospects

Graduates of the Master's in Business Administration/Digital Marketing track have excellent job prospects for positions in a wide variety of companies related to (digital) marketing and analytics, e.g.:

  • online customer experience managers
  • market analysts
  • online retail managers
  • social media analysts
  • content/website marketers

Digital Marketing and 7 other tracks

Digital Marketing is one of 8 tracks you can opt for in our MSc Business Administration. If you are more interested in another field of international business, read the info on one or more of the other tracks:

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