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Business Administration (MSc)
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Student reviews

What do students and alumni think of our Master's in Business Administration? Why did they choose this programme and do they have useful tips?

EBCC alumnus

'Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try'

Alena Kerosinskaya graduated in 2019 from the MSc Digital Business at the UvA and she works in Business Development, although she is currently looking for a new job. We asked her about her experience as an international in the Netherlands, what she learnt at the various companies she worked for, and how she approaches her job search.

Diana Pantaia

'We get to listen to top business minds'

Diana Pantaia (Strategy track) chose the UvA because of its modern outlooks on business. 'As students, we are given all the tools to make the most out of this Master's. It starts with choosing your track and customising it by courses of your interest.' 

Linde Erinkveld

'You decide how, where and when you study'

Linde Erinkveld (Entrepreneurship & Management in the Creative Industries) chose the EMCI track for its combination of creativity and business. 'It has been beyond my expectations. I have gained so much in-depth knowledge on specific industries, like which strategies are chosen in releasing a movie. Also, I met people with similar passions and ambitions.'

MSc Business Administration Marketing track Dennis Oostindie, Amsterdam Business School, UvA

'The professors are really approachable'

Dennis Oostindie (Marketing track) chose the UvA because 'the Master’s in Business Administration is made-to-measure; you get to pick many courses, rather then solely following a fixed university curriculum. What really surprised me were the professors, they are really involved in helping you get your career started.'

MSc Business Administration/Digital Business Myrthe Storm, Amsterdam Business School, UvA

'Direct contact with companies is valuable for your career'

Myrthe Storm (Digital Business track) especially values the guest lectures and business seminars in Royal Theatre Carré. 'You come into contact with large international organisations such as Vodafone and Google. This is valuable, since the start of your career is getting near.'

MSc Business Administration Marketing Paloma Bunck, Amsterdam Business School, UvA

'It is a huge advantage to study in the heart of Amsterdam'

Paloma Bunck (Marketing track) is very enthusiastic about studying in Amsterdam. 'It is a very vibrant city with a lot to do, especially for students. The balance between different cultures, fun things to do and beautiful things to see, is perfect.'

Entrepreneurship and Management in the Creative Industries (EMCI) track Charlotte Kammerer, Amsterdam Business School, UvA

'Strong academic base with real-life business cases'

Charlotte Kammerer (Entrepreneurship & Management in the Creative Industries track, EMCI) was already closely engaged with the music industry in her home town Berlin. The EMCI track suited her criteria: strong academic base and real-life business cases. 'Add the rich Amsterdam cultural landscape, and I was convinced to enroll.'

MSc Business Administration Strategy Roeland van Noort, Amsterdam Business School, UvA

'You work in collaboration with well-known multinationals'

Roeland van Noort (Strategy track) feels that the programme lives up to his expectations. 'The theories we learn give a multidimensional perspective on organisations. What I like in particular are the real-life business cases, which we work on in collaboration with well-known multinationals. Critical thinking is required to such solve complex issues.'

Business Administration, Entrepreneurship & Management in the Creative Industries track. Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam.

'I was introduced to theories I still use today'

Alumnus Joshua Picauly (Entrepreneurship & Management in the Creative Industries, EMCI) now works at Talpa as a senior strategist. 'I chose this track because of my interest in the arts and pop-culture. And because UvA is the only European university to focus on the creative industries from a business economics perspective.'

Yoella van Alderwegen, MSc Business Administration (Entrepreneurship and innovation track)

'Inspirational lectures and great connections with the professional field'

Yoella van Alderwegen (Entrepreneurship and Innovation): 'I've enjoyed this Master, and especially the Entrepreneurship & Innovation track, a lot! In particular because of the great number of inspirational lectures, great connections with the professional field, the dedicated teachers, and motivated fellow students. Also because of the great freedom in paper and thesis topics, I was able to further develop my passion for healthcare innovations within this Master and this helped me to get my first job as a healthcare consultant!'