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Information for students with an Indian Bachelor’s degree

There are some significant differences between the Dutch and Indian system of higher education, most importantly that the Netherlands has a difference between a University of Applied Sciences and a Research University. The University of Amsterdam is the latter.

Applicants with an international Bachelor’s degree must have a degree comparable to a Dutch Bachelor’s degree from a Research University in order to be eligible to apply to such a university. In order to meet the requirement the following is needed:

  • Honours Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science, finished with first class grades and obtained at a top ranking university (A or better NAAC ranking).

To check the NAAC ranking number of your university, go to the NAAC website

The following types of degree are comparable to a Bachelor’s degree from a University of Applied Sciences. If you hold such a Bachelor’s degree, you are not eligible to apply to any of the University of Amsterdam, Economics and Business programs:

  • General Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science.
  • General Bachelor of Commerce
  • Honours Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science obtained at a lower ranking university or with 2:1 grades or lower.
  • Honours Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Engineering