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Business Administration (MSc)

Register in Studielink

All students who would like to apply to a programme at the University of Amsterdam will need to register in Studielink first. Studielink is the national online registration system for students who would like to pursue a degree programme at a Dutch university. You need to register in Studielink before you apply to the programme.

1. Before you start the registration - Check your DigiD

A DigiD (Digital Identification) is an online ID (username and password) that provides access to Dutch government administration websites.

  • Students who do not live in the Netherlands can register in Studielink without a DigiD.
  • Students who currently live in the Netherlands will need their DigiD when registering in Studielink. We strongly recommend you to apply for your DigiD at least three weeks before registering in Studielink.

Because the Studielink system might be confusing for new (International) students, we will guide you through the process in the Step-by-step guide to Studielink. We advise you to read about this process before starting your registration in Studielink. 

You can start your registration for the Master's programme in Studielink. Please note: this is not an application to the MSc programme. Your eligibility needs to be assessed by the Admissions Office too.

4. Apply to the programme

When you finish the registration in Studielink you will receive a confirmation email from the Studielink system. After that, you can start your online programme application from the Admissions Office called Embark. Embark is the system where you have to apply to the programme by describing your educational background and uploading required documents. Only after submitting this application the Admissions Office will assess your eligibility to the programme.