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Accountancy and Control
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Student reviews

What do students and alumni think of our Master's Accountancy and Control? Why did they choose this programme and do they have useful tips?

Denisa Pacheva

'Working in groups may challenge your way of thinking'

Denitsa Pacheva joined ABS after two years of working at a 'Big Four' firm. 'The Amsterdam Business School has positioned itself amongst the best business schools in Europe and I can tell so by the many ambitious young people I met here.'

Norina Pop

'The programme is organised to our best interest'

Norina Pop felt overwhelmed by the programme at first, but soon settled down and found the programme was well-tailored: 'The first block provides an insight to the far extremes of accountancy and control. This helps you in deciding which track to choose.'

Accountancy and Control

'All concepts learned during the MSc came together'

Tanja Langendijk explains how all concepts learned during the MSc come together in her first job at Deloitte. 'I have learned as much in one year of MSc as I did during three years of BSc. Because finally you can really dive into your favourite topics.'


'Perfect balance between academic teaching and practice'

Felix Schmidt found it quite frustrating to flip through al the Master's programmes. So in the end he was happy to find Accountancy and Control at UvA. 'Other universities tend to overemphasize either the practical or academic side of teaching. This programme offers the perfect balance between both.'

testimonial EB

'Teamwork is an essential part of the programme'

Krisztina Kiss values leaving your comfort zone as the point where people can innovate, especially when working in a team.'Teamwork is essential in every company. The focus during the whole programme was very effective in terms of sharing knowledge, finding compromises and making friends.'