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Accountancy and Control

Applicants from another Dutch faculty or university

The 1st step of our application process for students from another Dutch faculty or university is checking the entry requirements of this Master’s. In your online application you will be asked to upload proof of all mentioned requirements.

Entry requirements

The Admissions Office will evaluate your eligibility on the basis of 2 criteria.

  • 1. Check the requirements of your academic Bachelor’s degree

    All students holding a Bachelor's and/or Master's degree in Business Economics, (Fiscal) Economics or Business Administration are eligible to apply for admission to this Master's programme. A specialisation in Accountancy and/or Control will generally lead to direct admission.

    Students with a different Bachelor’s degree or specialisation will need to have completed the following coursework:

    • Financial accounting (intermediate level)
    • Management accounting (intermediate level)
    • Finance (introductory level)
    • Quantitative research methods (intermediate level)

    If you are a student holding a Dutch university Bachelor's degree that does not give direct admission to the MSc Accountancy and Control, we will establish an individual advice for extra courses will be established.

  • 3. Upload a motivation letter and show personal initiative

    If you want to apply for this programme, we expect you to have the intrinsic motivation to test and build upon knowledge gained in the programme. Coursework is designed to keep with this expectation. It demands significant personal initiative and active contribution from you. In your application, you are asked to upload a motivation letter.

Combine work and study

Are you a young professional, holding an HBO degree (HEAO-BE/AA/RA/AC) or a relevant academic BSc degree and do you want to combine work and study? We offer intensive programmes for both the Accountancy and the Control track. These programmes allow you as a working professional to obtain your Master's degree whilst working 4 days per week in an Accountancy or Control related environment. These part-time programmes are characterised by small group classes scheduled on Fridays, intensive guidance and organisational support. This way, you can focus entirely on your studies.