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Business Administration (Amsterdam MBA)

Students and alumni

Are you curious what it is like to follow our MBA programme? A well-designed curriculum and expert lecturers are of course crucial in developing your knowledge and skills, but your fellow students also play a key part in your learning experience. For 12 months, you will follow the same path, sharing and exchanging your views, questions, insights, experiences and creating new lifelong relations.

Class profiles and diversity

To optimise your learning experience, we arrange for students from different backgrounds to team up. That way we make sure that your learning curve is steep and interactions with fellow students are interesting as well as fun.


Our students and alumni work in various functions and organisations. How did they experience the Amsterdam MBA? What did the programme do for their career?

'This MBA gives me a 360 degree perspective of the whole business'

Paul Yepez Heredia: 'In my last job as a brand manager, I realised that I had to improve certain skills such as business analytics, finance and accounting. So far the programme has exceeded my expectations. The interaction with professors, academics and practitioners, but also with my fellow classmates is very rewarding. It is a true challenge, but I will become a better leader, a better person after finishing it.'

Le Linh
‘The Amsterdam MBA is the beginning of a new chapter in my career’

Le Linh (MBA student, class of 2022): ‘So far, it has been such an exciting challenge. I got the chance to study and work with many talented people from all over the world. The people in my cohort are motivating and inspiring. We often talk about the diverse experiences that everyone has. At the beginning of the programme, I noticed that the pressure was high. But it makes me happy to realise how much I learn every day. I believe that joining the Amsterdam MBA programme is an incredible experience and the beginning of a new chapter in my career.’

‘The Amsterdam MBA prepares the leaders of tomorrow’

Andrea Bellani (MBA student, class of 2022): ‘The MBA programme at the ABS prepares students to become the leaders of tomorrow. Under the guidance of a team of top academics, you learn how to steer teams, projects and businesses in complex and globalized economic scenarios while fostering values like inclusion, diversity and innovation. On this refreshing journey, you are accompanied by a class of diverse and curious minds.’

Franziska Pielmeier
'The ABS provides a hands-on international experience'

Franziska Pielmeier (MBA, class of 2021): 'If you want to learn more about bringing new products, services, and businesses to life which will benefit the triple bottom line – the Amsterdam MBA should be your programme of choice! The ABS provides a hands-on international experience where you will learn how to crunch numbers, design strategies, and build leadership skills.'

MBA Alumni story: Sidharth Nanda

'My goal is to influence more people, especially Gen Z and millennials, to join the sustainability bandwagon. ESG should become a permanent feature in all companies. Because of my work experience and my MBA degree, I am convinced that business and sustainability can coexist side by side.'

MBA Alumni story: Natalie Utkina

'During my studies at the Amsterdam Business School, I liked courses such as Entrepreneurship and Innovations. After graduation, I decided to help my husband developing his business. I started as a sales and marketing manager and helped growing the sales from 0 to 1 million euro, using the knowledge that I had learned about entrepreneurship, strategy and marketing.'

Graduation ceremony

Will you receive your MBA diploma in 2024? Our MBA graduates received their diplomas during a festive graduation ceremony last November. Watch the video and find out how they experienced their graduation.