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Business Administration (Amsterdam MBA)
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Fees and funding

Read all information on different tuition fees, payment and possible funding of your studies.

Tuition fee 

  • Tuition fee Full-time/ Part-time: €39,900

The fee covers the whole programme including courses, the international study trip, use of the MBA facilities, university registration, the enrolment fee* and the examination fees. The fee does not cover textbooks, visa costs, living expenses, and accommodation.

You can pay your tuition fees in equal instalments spread across the duration of the programme (a total of 3 instalments for full-time students and 6 instalments for part-time students).

*Enrolment fee

If you are admitted to the programme, you will be required to pay an enrolment fee of €3,900 to secure your seat in the Amsterdam MBA class. This enrolment fee is part of the tuition fee. The enrolment fee is non-refundable.

GMAT discount

We offer a partial scholarship based on your GMAT results, up to €10,000 for the highest scores. Please contact us to learn more about the GMAT discount breakdown. The GMAT discount is available for all MBA applicants.

UvA alumni 10% discount

All UvA alumni applying for the Amsterdam MBA programme at the Amsterdam Business School are eligible for a 10% discount on their tuition fee.


  • Deduct tuition fees from taxes
    If you live and work in the Netherlands, you can deduct tuition fees from your taxes. In 2021 you can deduct a maximum of €15,000. For more information on tax deduction, please check the Dutch Tax Authority website (page in Dutch).
  • Lifelong learning credit (Levenlanglerenkrediet)
    A loan for tuition fees from the Dutch government for local and foreign professionals living and working in the Netherlands. For more information about this loan, please check the DUO website (page in Dutch).
  • Convince your employer to finance your study
    Following an MBA does not only have benefits for you as a student, but also for your employer.