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University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business

Africa has been called the last frontier for investors, and a consumer market of note. South Africa is considered to be a gateway to the continent. Understanding this emerging market and society in transition is important to anyone who is interested in Africa’s investment and business opportunities.

Programme (2EC)

The Master in International Finance (MIF) study trip programme in Cape Town builds on this foundation with the following themes:

  • South Africa’s economy and financial markets in the global context;
  • Corporate finance in an emerging market context;
  • Private equity and venture capital in South Africa;
  • Sustainable investment and corporate governance;
  • Retail banking in lower income markets: How to redefine financial services to make them work for the poor?  
  • The Cape Town programme includes presentations and discussions on campus (at the  University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business) and at some of South Africa’s largest financial services companies. You will meet people from different walks of life, from executives to youth in the townships, to give you the full spectrum of experiences in South Africa. 

  • Example: AllLife:  Ross Beerman (Managing Director & Co-Founder)  

The Cape Town programme is hosted by MEA Global Education in cooperation with the UCT Graduate School of Business.

MIF International Study trip Wine tasting at Vineyard Villiera.