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Pre-Master MIF programme at a glance

  • starts in February 2020 and runs from February to June
  • English-taught part-time programme
  • classes take place on Fridays during the day
  • not a degree programme but a "bridge" programme 
  • 18 ECs total: Management Research Methods 1 (5 ECs), Management Research Methods 2 (5 ECs), Introduction to Business Research (4 ECs), Fundamentals of Finance (4 ECs)
  • tuition fee: €4.400
  • application deadline for the pre-master commencing in February 2020: 1 December 2019 

Candidates with a degree from a University of Applied Sciences (HBO)

Amsterdam Business School offers a  Pre-Master MIF programme for HBO candidates seeking admission to the Executive MSc in International Finance (MIF) programme. This programme is only applicable to students who are working in the financial field in the Netherlands.

Admission requirements

Pre-university education:

VWO or HAVO diploma with a “pass” mark for Maths (A or B; A1 is not sufficient)

Higher education:

HBO bachelor’s or master’s degree (preferably related to Economics and Finance and preferably an English language degree programme) earned at an NVAO accredited University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.

Relevant work experience:

A minimum of two-year full-time work experience within the financial field at the start of the MIF programme is required.

Non-Dutch applicants

Non-Dutch applicants are required to have a valid visa or permanent residency. The Amsterdam Business School cannot provide assistance in acquiring visas or housing for international students of the part-time Pre-Master programme (or the part-time MIF programme). Dutch universities can only support student visa applications for full-time studies. 

How to apply?

First, we need to assess your eligibility for the Master in International Finance Programme, hence you need to follow the application process for the MIF. During the MIF admission process, we will give you further instructions.  

The idea of the Pre-Master is meant to close the gap between candidates with an educational background from a research university and candidates from a university of applied sciences. Consequently, candidates who successfully complete the Pre-Master are admissible for the Master in International Finance programme. We may ask the applicant to take additionally a Pre-Corse Training (online) or/and to take the GMAT or SHL test.

1. What do we need?

Please follow the instructions for the MIF application:

> Apply to Executive MSc in International Finance (MIF)

In addition to the MIF documents, we require also a high-school diploma and transcripts. GMAT/GRE and English Proficiency test results are not applicable. 

Applicants with HBO degree need to submit their documents before 1 December. 

2. Interview

After an initial selection process, candidates with strong credentials are invited for an admissions interview conducted by the Sales & Recruitment Manager for the MIF programme for further evaluation. Applicants will receive a final decision from the Admissions Committee within one week of their interview. Upon successful conditional admission to the MIF programme the candidates will be instructed how to register to the Pre-Master MIF programme.

3. Conditional admission to the MIF programme

You need to have passed every single course of the Pre-Master before 15 July 2020. You have two attempts at passing every course: one regular exam and one re-take. There are no extra re-take opportunities and there are no exceptions to this rule. Pre-Master students that succeed the Pre-Master programme with an average grade of 7.0 out of 10 will be invited to continue studies with the Executive MSc in International Finance (MIF) programme starting September 2020.

4. Organisation of the programme    

The Pre-Master MIF is organised by the programme management of Executive Programme in Management Studies (EPMS). The programme management will inform the students about the introduction day and schedules. Pre-Master MIF students have classes together with Pre-Master students of the following programmes: The Amsterdam MBA, MBA Big Data and Executive Programme in Management Studies (EPMS).


The fee for the ABS Pre-Master MIF programme is €4.400. 

The tuition fee of the MIF Programme starting in September 2020 is €26.900. Pre-Master students who successfully enrol to the MIF programme will have the €4.000 Pre-Master MIF fee deducted from the total tuition fee (in place of an Early Bird discount).