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Tuition Fee September 2019 (€ 26,900)

The tuition fee for the full- and part-time Master in International Finance (MIF) programmes starting in September 2019 is €26,900.

The fee covers the whole programme including courses and exams, registrations, the International Study Trip to Cape Town, South Africa and use of university facilities. The fee does not cover textbooks, living expenses and accommodation.

You can pay your tuition fee in equal instalments spread over the duration of the programme (in total 3 instalments for full-time students and 6 instalments for part-time students).

Enrolment fee (included in the tuition fee)

If you are admitted to the programme, you will be required to pay an enrolment fee of €3,900 to secure your place in the MIF class. This enrolment fee is part of the tuition fee. 

Read here about MIF scholarships and waivers

UvA alumni tuition fee (10% discount)

All UvA alumni applying for the MIF programme are eligible for a 10% discount on their tuition fee.

Tuition fee is tax-deductible

For applicants to the part-time programme who are working in the Netherlands, it is useful to know that the tuition fee is tax-deductible. For more information, contact the tax authorities or click on the link below.

Tax-return (

Pay tuition fee at once (5% discount)

Applicants who are planning to pay their tuition fee at once and before 30 April 2019, will receive a reduction of 5% on their tuition fee.

Intellectual Capacity Test for part-time students (€100)

Part-time students without a GMAT or GRE need to do Intellectual Capacity test to meet the requirements. This is a qualification tool to enroll the programme. The fee for the test is €100.

Pre-Master MIF

The fee for the ABS Pre-Master MIF programme is €4,400. This fee will be deducted later from the MIF tuition fee (in place of the Early Bird discount).

Candidates who are admitted to the MIF programme and have completed the ABS Pre-Master MIF have the possibility to be exempted from the MIF Pre-Course Training and GMAT/GRE/Intellectual Capacity test.