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About the MIF Speaker Events

The Speaker Events are organized by Executive Master in International Finance (MIF) during the academic year. Members of the financial areas are invited to speak on topics related to finance.

The Speaker Events aims to serve as inspiration and provide networking opportunities to MIF students, alumni, friends, colleagues, and other interested members of the International Finance community.

For information on upcoming events or opportunities to speak in the series, contact the director of the MIF programme, Dr Jens Martin (

Past speakers

"Exploiting behavioural biases in investing", Martin Martens (PhD, Head Quant Allocation Research at Robeco), Thomas Heidstra (MSc, CFA, Director Investments at Univest Company)

"Bitcoin: More than just hype? The disruptive force of cryptocurrencies." MIF Speaker Event & Holland Fintech Meetup.

"Artificial Intelligence in Finance." Michel van der Poorten (Cognitive Business Strategist at IBM)

"Disruptions in the Finance Industry - are you ready?", Mark Buitenhek (Global Head Transaction Services at ING), Thomas Bunnik (Founder & CEO of Pritle)

"Impact Investing: More (than) returns", Sophie Robé, CFA (Founder & CEO Phenix Capital), Narina Mnatsakanian, CAIA (Head of Business Development, Sarona Asset Management), Huub van der Riet (Lead Portfolio Manager Impact Investing, NN Investment Partners)

"Fintech", Matthijs Aler (COO Ohpen) and Don Ginsel (CEO Holland Fintech)

"Is banking still essential in a modern society?'', Professor Dr. Arnoud W.A. Boot

“Renewable Energy Infrastructure - A Maturing Investment Proposition”, Stephan Langen (CAIA Charter Holder)

''Corporate restructuring of global financial institutions - the case of ING", Sali Salieski & Ivo Lurvink ING

"Investing in Private Equity - Limited Partners, the new General Partners", Eric-Jan Vink (PGGM- Head of PE)

“The Future of the Financial sector”, Professor Dr. Arnoud W.A. Boot

"Are Banks Essential in a Modern Economy”, Matthias Stockburger (Commerzbank)

“Developments and Trends in Private Equity (PE)”, Jesse De Klerk (Robeco, Fund Manager)