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Executive MSc in International Finance (MIF)

MIF Speaker Event: Friday 13 October 2017

MIF Speaker Event & Holland Fintech Meetup. Experts and startup companies share insights, experiences and predictions about the possibilities and potential pitfalls of cryptocurrencies.

Since the advent of Bitcoin, the number of cryptocurrencies and their valuations has skyrocketed. Blockchain and other driving technologies have caught the attention of a wide and diverse audience.

Despite the intense focus and growing investments in cryptocurrencies, the full disruptive potential is not yet fully understood. More applications and opportunities will emerge as the technology evolves and matures.

At this event, participants have an opportunity to hear experts, as well as several startup companies, sharing their insights, experiences and predictions about the possibilities and potential pitfalls of this groundbreaking technology.

The speaker event was organised by the executive Master International Finance (MIF) programme together with Holland Fintech for students, alumni, HTC members and industry leaders. 

You can access the full recording and slides at any time under the link below.


  • Welcome speech by Don Ginsel, CEO of Holland Fintech
  • Welcome speech by Jens Martin, MIF Programme Director
  • Company pitch by Alejandro De La Torre (
  • Bitcoin Wednesday: the digital currency revolution by Richard Kohl (Bitcoin Wednesday)
  • Investing in bitcoins: a real case: Eduard Korijn
  • Panel discussion: Maurits Dewina (Innopay), Oz Eleonora (Zinica Group) and Lars van de Ven (AFM). Moderator: Jens Martin (MIF)
  • Closing speech

About MIF Speaker events

The Master in International Finance Speaker events are organized during the academic year. 

The Speaker events aims to serve as inspiration and provide networking opportunities to MIF students, alumni, friends, colleagues, and other interested members of the Master in International Finance community.

For information on upcoming events or opportunities to speak in the series, contact the director of the MIF programme,  Dr Jens Martin.