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Executive MSc in International Finance (MIF)

MIF Speaker Event: Friday 17 February 2017

New technologies and business models are changing the finance industry as we know it, making it very different to the industry we’ve known for the last 50 years. These changes cause potential disruptions of the whole industry, posing great challenges, both for the companies in the finance sector as well as for their employees. What are the new skillsets needed by the employee of the future? How can you best pro-actively prepare to thrive in such an environment and take advantage of these changes lying ahead?

At this MIF Speaker Event we addressed how these disruptions and uncertainties also can offer great opportunities for the players in the industry. Our guest speakers shared their insights from the perspective of established industry leaders, represented by Mark Buitenhek (Global Head Transaction Services at ING) and the startups, represented by Thomas Bunnik (Founder & CEO of Pritle).

About MIF Speaker events

The Master in International Finance Speaker events are organized during the academic year. 

The Speaker events aims to serve as inspiration and provide networking opportunities to MIF students, alumni, friends, colleagues, and other interested members of the Master in International Finance community.

For information on upcoming events or opportunities to speak in the series, contact the director of the MIF programme,  Dr Jens Martin.

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