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Principles of Personal & Professional Development Planning

During the one- or two-year MIF programme, you will be guided by the Career Service Manager to define and plan your career path. The Career Service Manager will work with you very closely and will support you in achieving your Career goals.

From enrolment to completion of the programme the Career Service Manager will be involved on a regular basis, and will be as well available after you become an alumnus. You will start with an comprehensive intake and then continue with one-on-one coaching sessions throughout the year. The coaching sessions will be based on your needs and the area of improvement. Together with the Career Service Manager you will develop a Personal&Professional Development Plan and work on various careers-related aspects such as your skills, identifying your strengths and weaknesses, CV and/or cover letter writing, Job interviews preparations and many others.

MIF Mentorship

In addition to the Career Service Manager you will be also guided by a mentor, who will be assigned to you based on your personal choice and professional background. The ABS mentors come from our alumni group, based all around the world, who hold different senior positions within the finance sector.

Dutch job market

The Dutch government provides international graduates from Dutch institutions the opportunity ro apply for a 'search year permit'. This means that you can spend 12 months after graduation in the Netherlands to focus on a job search. During this period you have unrestricted access to the Dutch labour market. During this periode you are allowed to work in the Netherlands.

For more information regarding immigration policies and regulations, please visit the Nuffic site or our UvA Student Services, which also provides information for international students.

The Career Service Manager will be actively assisting you with the job search by presenting to you different internship and/or job opportunities. Prior to each job interview you will have a chance to practice a Mock Interview with the Career Service Manager and to receive critical feedback.