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Executive MSc in International Finance (MIF): General track

Admission requirements

Applicants for the executive Master in International Finance programme must meet the following requirements:

Academic credentials:  

A degree (Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.) from a recognised research university in a related field (e.g. business administration, economics, engineering, natural sciences, mathematics, corporate law). Candidates with a degree from a University of Applied Sciences (HBO), will need to complete the Pre-Master MIF programme (20 weeks) first. Application deadline for candidates with an HBO degree, who are willing to start MIF in September 2020 is 1 December 2019. 

Relevant work experience:

A minimum two years of relevant post-graduate full-time work experience (internships in a financial field can be also included).

Tests results: GMAT/GRE or SHL*: 

A minimum GMAT score of 630 (applicants with a GRE score, please check the GMAT equivalent of your GRE score using the GRE Comparison Tool for Business Schools). The test institutions should send the score report directly to us. 

Candidates can apply while still preparing for the test and send the test results later (we need the test results in by 31 May 2019).  

*Part-time applicants can opt for the Intellectual Capacity Test (SHL). This test is a substitute for the GMAT or GRE test. The admissions office will provide you with further information and arrange the test with you. 
The Amsterdam Business School institutional codes for test centers: GMAT = 0500 / GRE = 6739
GRE Comparison Tool 

English proficiency:

A minimum TOEFL of 100 or IELTS of 7.0 is required
You may be exempt from this requirement (1) if you are a native speaker of English; (2) if you have two years of international (and English-spoken) professional work experience; (3) if you have a Bachelor's or Master's degree taught in English [Please note that your degree certificate or transcripts should mention that the language of instruction was English. If the language of instruction is not mentioned on the transcript or degree certificate, you will need to submit a letter from your higher education institute stating that the curriculum was completely taught in English]; (4) if you obtained a Dutch VWO high school diploma. Exemptions can only be confirmed once the MIF Admissions Committee has received and reviewed your full application file. 

Personal skills and qualities:

Evidence of analytical and conceptual skills, ambition and desire to strive for excellence, a proven capacity for hard work, and willingness to contribute to a highly diverse (in terms of nationalities and backgrounds) learning environment, drive, passion and confidence. 

Check your eligibility

MIF Pre-Course Training (PCT; an On-line Course) 

Depending on your academic background, you may be required to complete part or all of the MIF Pre-Course Training (PCT). The PCT needs to be completed before the start of the regular course programme. The PCT brings you up to speed with Fundamentals of Finance, Financial Accounting, and Quantitative Methods & Research Skills.  The PCT is compulsory for candidates that apply to the Part-time programme. 

The exam (on campus) is planned in the last week of August.