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Executive Programme in Management Studies

Students and alumni

Deciding on a Master’s programme may not be an easy task. A well-designed curriculum and expert lecturers are of course crucial in developing your knowledge and skills, but your fellow students also play a key part in your learning experience. For 18 months, you will follow the same path, sharing and exchanging your views, questions, insights and experiences.

Class profile

To optimise your learning experience, we prefer to keep our classes small and personal. At the same time, we arrange for students from different backgrounds to team up, making sure that your learning curve is steep and interactions with fellow students are interesting as well as fun.

Student profile September 2021

Bedrijfskunde in deeltijd


Our students and alumni work in various functions and organisations. How did they experience the Executive MSc Programme in Management? The graduates of June 2021 elected dr. Hüseyin Güngör as the lecturer to receive the best lecturer award. Many students praised him for his energy, his efforts in student engagement and his knowledge of Artificial Intelligence. What did the programme do for their career?

Evelien Krooshof

'Lecturers are passionate about their profession'

Evelien Krooshof, Agile coach Randstad Groep Nederland: 'The most energy I got from lecturers and my fellow students. Some teachers were so passionate about their profession, it gave me a boost for the weekend. The classes on leadership and business ethics for example I thought were very interesting. My fellow students were really motivated and gave interesting input and insights about their companies. All this inspired me to really challenge myself.'

Robert van Dijk

'You learn how to think critically, from various angles'

Robert van Dijk, Department Manager Customer Quality Care ASML: ' The interaction with fellow students who often work in a completely different field is extremely beneficial and enjoyable. You learn to think critically by looking at problems you come across in your role from various angles. In my everyday work I can tap into theoretical knowledge that can be applied in practice, or that offers a useful frame of reference.' 

Ben van Vliet

'Working with fellow students is enormously valuable'

Ben van Vliet, Data Scientist FD Mediagroep: 'The scientific character of the programme really appealed to me. Lecturers, but also fellow students, are an incredibly important part of the learning process. Because many fellow students already have a number of years of practical experience, a unique atmosphere is created during projects.

Each team member analyses a problem in his or her way and finds solutions in his or her way. Being able to work with many different fellow students is therefore a very instructive and valuable part of the programme.' 

Albinus, Jeremiah

'The programme widens your scope'

Jeremiah Albinus, CEO fonQ: 'This course not only gives depth to the subject of Digital Business, but also widens your scope to the area of ​​Finance, Strategy and HR. The ABS offers a program with sufficient lectures. Important, because then you can spar over the curriculum with lecturers and fellow students. Because I had set myself the goal of academic learning thinking, I wanted to follow a scientific master's program.

With the possibilities within this course you learn to understand marketing as a whole, much better and you will be able to place it within organizations. I also regularly return to my notes and books to retrieve certain knowledge. Creating an effective and innovative marketing framework in an organization, together with my team.' 

Chahid Azarkan

'I have learned to tackle problems from different perspectives'

Chahid Azarkan, Sr. Advisor Business Operations Douane Nederland: 'I found the courses very inspiring. Partly thanks to the lecturers, who were very involved and open to adapting the programme to the students. Because the students challenged each other in a positive way, I managed to get a lot out of this study.  

I have learned to think and analyse abstractly and to tackle problems from different perspectives. The program also opens doors within the organisation. In addition to my position as Business Architect, I also have a different role in which I have more to do with innovation and the management of innovation.'  

Caroline Mullers

'I was able to choose courses that matched my interests'

Caroline Mullers, Consultant Zelforganisatie Volkskbank: 'After working as a project manager and manager in a restaurant / event location, I wanted to develop myself as a consultant and coach. Effectory, an organisation that is the market leader in employee surveys, the Executive Programme in Management Studies connected very well with what I was looking for.

The program starts broadly in the first semester, in which you take different courses and get subjects such as statistics and mathematics, which I found challenging and interesting. But it also made me think that some subjects were more interesting than others, and in the master I was able to choose the courses that matched what I wanted, namely to deepen my knowledge of HRM and Organisational Behavior.' 

Charlotte Roos

'My advise: do it!'

Charlotte Roos, Product Owner at iB&X HSE: 'The step to a university training has been in my mind for a long time and I found out that this is also a necessary step to achieve my goals. 

The programme matched my wishes. I was looking for a university that considers scientific research to be of paramount importance, focuses on main issues and where there is room for a personal touch.

The majority of the courses are fairly theoretically oriented, but since all students have practical experience, the discussions about both theory and practice are conducted. My fellow students have helped ensure that I have successfully completed the 2 years with great pleasure. Teachers have a passion for their profession and are open to discussion and feedback.'