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Henk Jan Beltman (C.CH.O Tony's Chocolonely), and Freke van Nimwegen (CEO InStock)

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Date 12 October 2018
Time 13:00 - 15:00
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Henk Jan Beltman

C.CH.O Tony's Chocolonely, - 'The Business of Doing Good'

After a career with Heineken, Vrumona and Innocent Drinks, Henk Jan approached Tony's Chocolonely in 2007. He wanted to join a company that makes a positive impact and for that reason he joined Tony's Chocolonely in 2010 to continue the mission for a slave-free cocoa industry. Tony's Chocolonely is now well placed on the chocolate map in the Netherlands and starting to gain traction Sweden and Belgium and there is an office in Portland, in the US. Henk Jan is also dreaming of making a chocolate factory, where people can make their own chocolate and learn about the inequalities in the cocoa industry. A real chocolate experience!
The goal is not only to make Tony's chocolate slave-free, but all chocolate worldwide.


Freke van Nimwegen

Co-founder Instock - 'The Business of Doing Good'

For Freke van Nimwegen, doing business is all about making the world a better place. She studied Business in Groningen, Hong Kong and Amsterdam (MSc. BA) and after two internships she knew that a regular marketing or sales job wasn’t for her.  She chose Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as the topic for her graduation thesis. Determined to find a job in this field, she started her career at Ahold in 2012 at the CSR department.

One year of experience as Assistant Supermarket Manager at Albert Heijn combined with her work on waste management at the head office, made her wonder: why is so much food still thrown away in a world where resources are scarce and climate change is such a big concern. Following the philosophy of the circular economy and social entrepreneurship she believes that the only way to fight food waste is by making it valuable again. In other words: to create a business model around waste streams.

Together with three colleagues she participated in an innovation competition The Best Idea of Young Ahold in 2014 with the idea of starting a restaurant where food that would otherwise be wasted was turned into delicious meals. They won and started Instock, which currently operates three restaurants in Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. With their restaurant and product line, they conserve tons of surplus food, but they also make policy makers, consumers and business managers more aware of the problem of food waste. With this success she was part of Forbes 30 under 30 in 2016 and the ‘Duurzame 100’ of Trouw for 2017.

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