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Alumnus in the Spotlight: Pauline Schneider

'It’s a very creative job in which all aspects of marketing come together. The great thing about being the sole marketing specialist within an organisation is that you can do it all'

Pauline Schneider

Pauline Schneider

Studying and working

‘After graduating from hotel management school I started a traineeship at a.s.r. While working there full-time, I also had the opportunity to start doing the part-time Executive Programme in Management Studies. After two and a half years, I got a job at J. Walter Thompson in Amsterdam. I graduated in 2015 on the subject: “What is the role of music in television commercials”.  It was also there I discovered that what I most enjoy is work that combines creativity with strategic thinking. I couldn’t wait to tackle creative projects on my own, and a year later I joined a smaller company where I could take charge of marketing and was given full control over all aspects of creation. At the moment I'm taking a Graphics Design course; everything is coming together!’

Current job

‘My current job is as a marketing manager at Intros Hotel Supplies/Luxury Hotel Cosmetics, which is a subsidiary of the American Hotel Register Company. We supply luxury hotels across the world with everything from cosmetics to irons to baggage trolleys. My responsibilities include the design and implementation of our corporate identity and the development, realisation and analysis of our monthly marketing campaigns, website, brand launches and so forth. It’s a very creative job in which all aspects of marketing come together. And there are also plenty of challenges, because there are still all sorts of technical aspects that I have to come to grips with. That’s the great thing about being the sole marketing specialist within an organisation: you can do it all, so you learn every facet of the field. Best of all, you research how customers might react to different types of communication, learn from past campaigns and see how campaigns can genuinely help increase revenue.’


While still a student, Pauline drew a lot of inspiration from her fellow students. ‘The interesting thing about doing Business Administration part-time is that everyone is coming from a different job, from different types of companies and different backgrounds. It has extended my network in a big way and I have contacts in pretty much every branch of the field. And of course that can also be very useful down the line. I’m a member of the Economics & Business page on LinkedIn and that’s another way that I keep in touch with my former fellow students. I’m a big advocate of networks of all kinds. The bigger your network the better; it has always been very valuable to me, particularly in terms of all the jobs and contacts it has put onto my path.’

Gut feeling

‘My advice to other alumni is to think about what you yourself truly enjoy. You can do simple tests to figure that out, by job-hopping or just listening to your gut feeling – whatever works for you. If you follow your heart and do what you enjoy, and eventually get to be really good at something, then all sorts of doors will open for you. Another tip is dare to take risks!  Switching jobs can be scary but can turn out brilliantly. If you stay on somewhere that's not a good fit then you'll stop growing and only grow increasingly unhappy!'