Career prospects

Economics & Business Economics

Everything is economics. Every company, every government and every individual has to deal with it. Not surprising, then, that economics is a driving factor for just about every employer on the labour market. The bachelor’s programme in Economics & Business Economics is an excellent step towards a successful career. Most students will choose to continue their studies with a Master’s programme, because it gives them even better options.

BSc Economics & Business Economics

Here are some of the many places where you might work after studying Economics or Business Economics:

  • multinationals, banks, pension funds and insurance companies
  • smaller companies
  • government ministries
  • academic institutions
  • consultancy firms
  • start-ups
  • multinationals, banks, pension funds and insurance companies (e.g. as financial analyst)
  • companies of all sizes in all industries (e.g. as marketing manager)
  • government ministries (e.g. as advisor)
  • academic institutions (e.g. as lecturer)
  • consultancy firms (e.g. accountant or management consultant)
  • start-ups (entrepreneur: setting up your own business)

Advice and assistance exploring the labour market

The career counselors at the UvA Student Careers Centre would be pleased to help you as you explore the job market or answer questions you might have about your career. During your study and up to a period of 1 year following graduation you can approach the Careers Centre for information, advice, workshops, events, and individual counseling. The Student Careers Centre annually organises a major career event where you can come into contact with potential employers and you'll learn more about the latest developments in the area of applying for a job, work, and the labour market.

Alumni network

We want to stay in touch with our alumni. That’s why the UvA maintains an active alumni network of more than 10,000 alumni comprising 60 nationalities. This extensive international network offers you the opportunity to stay in touch with your ex-fellow students as well as a way of expanding your horizons once you’ve completed your studies. As an alumnus you’ll receive the latest UvA news and you can participate in various activities related to your study programme, such as career and networking events, seminars and excursions. Planning to work abroad after graduation? You can stay in contact with other UvA alumni by joining one of our international Alumni Chapters in China, Russia, the United States or the United Kingdom.

Published by  Economics and Business

12 January 2017