ABS Behavioural Lab

Mission Statement

The Amsterdam Business School’s Behavioural Laboratory is an academic research centre dedicated to the study of human activities that impact individual, team, or organizational performance, attitudes, and behaviours. Since 2016, researchers have used a diverse international subject pool to conduct cutting-edge behavioural research through laboratory experiments. These studies address a wide-range of managerially relevant topics and is available to all ABS faculty members and Ph.D. students whose studies meet the Lab criteria. 


The ABS Behavioural Lab has 2 rooms with 6 computer cubicles per room. Both rooms are connected to the same network which makes it possible to run sessions using both rooms simultaneously. Additionally, the ABS Behavioural Lab is equipped with one EEG (ENOBIO 20) and has facilities to study and videotape group interactions, such as teamwork or negotiations. It is situated in the souterrain of the Amsterdam Business School (M-Building).

Photo Amsterdam Business School, Gebouw M, Roeterseiland

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22 November 2018