Corporate responsibility (environment/sustainability, social and ethical issues, corporate governance) has been an area of specific interest at ABS for several years, both as specific expertise of researchers who are also embedded in their disciplinary areas and, for others, as one of the topics of interest within a wider portfolio.


Staff members with specific expertise on ethics, responsibility and/or sustainability include:

  • Jort ten Berg: PhD student writing a dissertation on Risk Management as Social and Institutional Practice.
  • Francesca Ciulli: PhD student whose project focuses on the interaction between European multinational electric firms and institutions in addressing sustainability issues.
  • Conor Clune: PhD student on corporate accountability in the Dutch CSR context
  • Dr. Georgios Georgakopoulos: Assistant professor and director of the MSc accounting & control; stakeholder engagement; sustainability accounting 
  • Dr. Torsten Jochem: Assistant professor with an interest in governance and (local) democracy.
  • Prof.dr. Ans Kolk: Full professor, corporate responsibility and sustainability, especially in international business; topics include social, ethical and environmental issues, partnerships, poverty and development, codes of conduct and standards, sustainability/CSR reporting and assurance (director of the ISM research programme)
  • Robert Kleinknecht: PhD student on corporate governance, international business and CSR
  • Dr. Arno Kourula: Assistant professor, with an interest in corporate responsibility, NGOs, Base of the Pyramid, stakeholder engagement, business ethics
  • Prof.dr. Brendan O'Dwyer: Full professor, corporate and NGO auditing and accountability, non-financial reporting assurance, stakeholder engagement, professional accounting ethics and disciplinary procedures, corporate governance (director of the ACC research programme)
  • Binqi Tang: PhD student working on a thesis on The Influence of Executives’ Cognition on Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Dr. Mark van der Veen: Senior lecturer and director of the MSc Business Studies andc Management Studies; dissertation and contract research on environmental management in strategy and marketing
  • Dr. Marlene Vock: Assistant professor, marketing, social alliances, consumers and CSR   
  • Dr. Vladimir Vladimirov: Assistant professor, empirical research on bankruptcy law and indirect costs of bankruptcies.
  • Dr. Michelle Westermann-Behaylo: Assistant professor, stakeholder management, business and human rights, and the role of business in the peaceful resolution conflict
  • Dr. Daniel Wäger: Assistant professor, his research spans from theory on social movements and organizations to neo-institutional theory and research on upper echelons and covers empirical phenomena such as corporate responsibility, corporate governance and the multinational corporation.


Staff members who address ethics, responsibility and/or sustainability as one of the topics in their wider research portfolio include:

  • Accounting: Dr. Sanjay Bissessur (earnings management);
  • Finance: Prof.dr. Arnoud Boot (corporate governance & financial markets); Rafael Almeida da Matta (corporate finance), Erasmo Gambiano (governance for real estate firms); Dr. Tomislav Ladika (CEO pay, corporate governance); Enrico Perotti (corporate governance & corporate finance);
  • Leadership & Management: Prof.dr. Deanne den Hartog, Dr. Annebel de Hoogh (ethical leadership); Dr. Frank Belschak, Inge Wolsink, Renske van Geffen (leadership and proactive behaviour at work)
  • Strategy & Marketing: dr. Michelle Westermann-Behaylo, Francesca Ciulli, MSc, dr. Daniel Wäger, dr. Pushpika Vishwanathan, dr. Frauke Mattison.


Published by  Economics and Business

25 April 2017