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Knowledge Centers and Affiliated Institutes of the Amsterdam Business School

Amsterdam Centre for Corporate Finance (ACCF)

The Amsterdam Centre for Corporate Finance (ACCF) is a think tank specialising in the financial management of corporations and the operations of the financial sector. The ACCF promotes high quality research at the point where financial theory and corporate policy intersect. The ACCF is supported by major financial and industrial corporations and affiliated with the Amsterdam Business School.

Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE)

The ambition of the Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE) is to influence the entrepreneurship climate in the Netherlands. ACE uses three instruments to achieve this: (1) shaping the research agenda and communicating its output to entrepreneurs and policy makers; (2) providing a forum for dialogue and networking between internationally high standing academics and (governmental) policy makers, entrepreneurs, students, corporate managers and investors, who are influential in the Netherlands; (3) providing and coordinating entrepreneurship courses at an academic level. In particular, ACE offers a minor programme in entrepreneurship.

In these ways, ACE bridges the gap between practice and academic research and education. ACE is an initiative of the University of Amsterdam's Faculty of Economics and Business.

Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics (ACLE)

The Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics (ACLE) is a joint initiative of the economics and law faculties of the University of Amsterdam. The objective of the ACLE is to promote high-quality research in the fields at the interface of law and economics. The ACLE presently associates around twenty scholars in law and economics, ranging from full professors to PhD students. The Center's main focus areas are: Competition and Regulation, Corporate Governance and Law and Foundations of Law and Economics.

Amsterdam Centre for Research In International Finance (CIFRA)

CIFRA was established in 1998 and operates within the international network of top research centres in finance. CIFRA promotes the exchange and development of new ideas and methodologies in financial economics. Currently CIFRA’s main themes are International Financial Integration and Corporate Finance and Banking. CIFRA performs an active role in the organisation of international workshops, supports PhD students’ research, maintains an active visitor programme and promotes an open flow of communication between policymakers, financial sector practitioners and academics.

Amsterdam Centre for Service Innovation (AMSI)

  • AMSI - the Amsterdam Centre for Service Innovation - focuses on research and education in the 'management of innovation in service firms and service organizations'.
  • The Centre was established at the end of 2008 as a joint effort of Amsterdam Business School / University of Amsterdam, VU University Amsterdam, and Novay.
  • AMSI is further supported by founding corporate partners Air France KLM, IBM Benelux, Rabobank and the Municipality of Amsterdam.
  • The new Centre is in the middle of one of the major service innovation eco-systems in Europe and well connected to the academic and the business community.

Center of Job Knowledge Research

The Center of Job Knowledge Research is a multidisciplinary think tank and research incubator that aims to engage stakeholders from academia, industry, and government to elucidate how job knowledge may be used to facilitate individual, organization, and nation level person-education-workplace matching processes.

IBIS UvA (Institute for Business and Industrial Statistics)

The Institute for Business and Industrial Statistics of the University of Amsterdam supports quality and efficiency improvement initiatives based on its expertise in the field of statistical methodology. IBIS UvA has over 15 years of experience with (Lean) Six Sigma. The institute is owned by the University of Amsterdam, and is seen internationally as a center of expertise in Lean Six Sigma and industrial statistics.

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4 May 2016