Data Science for Auditors

New data science course for the audit professional

Like many other disciplines, accountants and internal auditors are discovering the power of data science. Auditors use data science to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and added value of their audits.

Are you an RE-, RO- or RA-professional curious to learn about new possibilities and challenges of using data science in auditing? Eager to get knowledge and hands-on experience on audit standards, ETL, statistics, analytics, visualisation, process mining, machine learning and AI?

Apply for one of the courses on ‘Data Science for Auditors’ at the University of Amsterdam, developed and coordinated by Edo Roos Lindgreen - professor of Data Science in Auditing, with active contributions from public and private organisations.


Please note that the language of intruction is Dutch.


Part-time, short-term, module
Language of instruction

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