Blockchain and Smart Contracts

A hands-on masterclass to apply Smart Contracts in your industry. The 2019 dates for this masterclass have not been set yet, please fill out the below 'keep me informed' form so that we can inform you once the dates have been published.

A smart contract is a set of computer rules and procedures to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. They may be a secure and convenient way to reduce administration costs and increase customer service simultaneously.

This two-day masterclass on smart contracts is designed for participants from a wide variety of industries. Participants will learn about various use cases of smart contracts including on public decentralized networks and within enterprise consortiums. There will be hands-on exercises with blockchain mobile wallet applications and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). This course will demystify the complexities of smart contracts and related technologies.

Executive education

Dates & Fee

  • €1795
  • 2019 dates to be announced
  • Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance from the University of Amsterdam
  • 14 PE hours for Accountants and Auditors (please inform us if you require this)

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