Executive MSc of Internal Auditing receives positive recommendation for NVAO accreditation

24 October 2017

On Wednesday 18 October, an NVAO (Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders) assessment panel visited UvA Economics and Business to assess the new post-initial Executive MSc of Internal Auditing programme to determine its eligibility for NVAO accreditation (MSc degree).

The panel held meetings with programme management, students, alumni, members of the Examinations Board, and lecturers. As a result of these meetings, and the examination of additional documentation (such as theses, literature, examinations, course evaluations etc.), the panel has issued a preliminary recommendation in which the NVAO will recommend accreditation for the programme. The NVAO is expected to issue a definitive decision in December 2017.

Programme director Prof. Edo Roos Lindgreen is pleased with this result: “Over the past few years the Executive Internal Auditing Programme has put in a great deal of effort working closely with all stakeholders to achieve this result. NVAO accreditation will enable the programme to develop further into a leading Internal Auditor programme in Europe.  In the coming years the focus will be on further innovation and streamlining the curriculum with specific attention for data science, behaviour, and culture.”

For more information about this accreditation, please contact Maurice Oudejans, accreditations project manager (E: M.Oudejans@uva.nl).

Published by  Economics and Business