Amsterdam School of Data Science to launch minor in Data Science

12 July 2017

It is impossible to imagine our society today without data science. Whether it involves self-driving cars, tracking down radicalisation on social networks, improving athletic performance, or stimulating online sales: the possibilities for applying data science are endless.

‘Our vision is that data science is essential for students, both in the natural sciences as well as for students in other disciplines. This is why the Amsterdam School of Data Science will offer a minor in Data Science in the upcoming academic year. The minor is open to all university bachelor’s students’, says programme director Marc Salomon.

Affinity with computers and statistics is a prerequisite for participating in this six-month minor programme taught in English. ‘Data science is about discovering hidden patterns using computers, brain power, and a torrent of data’, continues Salomon. ‘During the minor students will learn how to apply statistics to large datasets, programme computers, and compile, store and access data. They’ll also learn how to use machine learning algorithms and how to visualise data. At the same time they’ll be made aware of related ethical and privacy aspects. At the conclusion of the minor the students can independently carry out a data science project.’

Labour market

‘There is a huge demand in the labour market for people with expertise in the field of data science’, says Evangelos Konoulas, programme director of the Information Studies master’s programme. Information Studies is one of the follow-up master’s programmes open to students who complete the minor. ‘We’re approached on an almost daily basis by government and the business sector. They are looking for talented students with knowledge of data science.’

The minor is open to bachelor’s students at the University of Amsterdam, VU University Amsterdam, and other universities as well.

About Amsterdam School of Data Science

The Amsterdam School of Data Science is an initiative of the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), and the VU University Amsterdam. The school consolidates Amsterdam-based education offered in the field of data science.

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