ABS researchers have two articles on text mining published in leading journal

5 July 2017

Always wanted to learn how to mine text? Researchers of the Amsterdam Business School’s Leadership and Management section, working on the EU funded Marie Curie Initial Training Network Eduworks, recently had two articles on text mining published in the academic journal ‘Organizational Research Methods’.

Researchers Vladimer Kobayashi, Stefan Mol, Gábor Kismihók, Hannah Berkers and Deanne Den Hartog are the authors of the articles Text Classification for Organizational Researchers: A Tutorial, and Text mining in Organizational Research.

The first provides a hands-on tutorial (including R code) on text classification, and the other provides a broad overview of text mining.
Text mining is the process of analysing and classifying large amounts of text to obtain information that can be effectively used by organisations.
Abstracts for both papers and more information about Eduworks can be viewed at the links below. If you are interested in obtaining the full text and/or applying text mining in your own research, please feel free to contact the authors.

Published by  Economics and Business