Dutch tax benefits for education still available in 2018

12 June 2017

Previous plans by the Dutch government to abandon the deductibility of tax on education have been cancelled.

According to the spring memorandum presented by resigning  minister Dijsselbloem the tax deduction will disappear per January 2019.

The arrangement is a tax benefit for people who follow an educational programme next to their job. If you have decided to follow a course or to go to university, for example to get your MBA degree, these costs can be deductible if the purpose is to get a better job or to make a career step within the current company.

The lobby by a wide coalition of employers and employees to cancel the abolition of the arrangement proved to be successful. The system will remain unchanged until 2019 when it is planned to be transformed into a new voucher system.

Source (in Dutch): https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/documenten/kamerstukken/2017/06/30/kamerbrief-voortgang-dossiers-fiscale-aftrek-van-scholingsuitgaven-en-aftrek-van-uitgaven-voor-monumentenpanden

Published by  Economics and Business