Research report on Private Equity was sent out to parliament

Private equity: een stakeholder-perspectief

19 April 2017

On 13 April, Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem sent the report 'Private equity: een stakeholder-perspectief' to the Dutch parliament. It had been agreed that the report would be delivered to parliament following a parliamentary consultation on private equity firms held on 22 March 2016. UvA researchers conducted the research.

Research was conducted by Dr Jeroen E. Ligterink, Dr Jens K. Martin, Prof. Arnoud W.A. Boot (University of Amsterdam), Prof. Kees Cools (Tilburg University) and Prof. Ludovic Phalippou (University of Oxford).

Both the report and management summary (in Dutch) are available for download through the links below.

Published by  Economics and Business