Research into ethical leadership within projects

30 November 2016

The University of Amsterdam is conducting research on integrity and ethics within projects and project management in collaboration with IPMA-NL, the industry association for project management.

What role do managers play in promoting ethical behaviour? Which organisational factors contribute to ethical behaviour? And is this at all negotiable?

Participate in the research!

Project managers and project team members can participate in the research by completing a brief survey. You can also state if your organisation would be willing to participate in more in-depth research where you’ll take part in focus groups or be interviewed. All participants will received the results of the research. 

What is the purpose of this research?

To develop effective interventions in terms of training, coaching or development opportunities, we need a much better understanding of the mechanisms underlying ethical leadership in projects. At the moment there is still much uncertainty about this issue. This study should start giving a deeper insight into the factors influencing ethical behaviour in project teams.

The research team

UvA professors Anne Keegan and Deanne den Hartog (Amsterdam Business School Leadership & Management section) are experts in the field who have studied leadership in projects for over a decade. Their prior work on transformational leadership in projects is among the most widely cited work in the project leadership field.

More information

For more information about this research you can contact professor Anne Keegan, Amsterdam Business School ( or Arjan van Bommel, interessegroep Professionele Integriteit IPMA-NL (

Published by  Economics and Business