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The curriculum of the Amsterdam MBA consists of four clusters that address key challenges for future leaders in business and society. In addition to having a profound knowledge of general management issues related to an organization’s strategy and operations, top managers require exceptional leadership skills, a profound understanding of the financial side of their business and an in-depth knowledge of emerging trends that sustainably impact both the economic landscape and the broader society. Therefore, we defined the four clusters of (1) Leadership, (2) Strategy & Operations, (3) Finance & Accounting, and (4) Contemporary Management Issues.

Leadership: This cluster is dedicated to the different responsibilities of a leader in navigating a group, team or organization towards a common goal. In addition to managing people in a purposeful way, our MBA students learn how to integrate different perspectives and translate them into well-balanced decisions.

Strategy & Operations: The foundation of managerial leadership is a solid understanding of the organization as a whole. This cluster, therefore, incorporates various functional perspectives to better understand general management issues and their translation into promising business opportunities.

Finance & Accounting: This cluster is about mastering the quantitative economic side of a business and augmenting managerial decision-making by financial information. Key topics are the acquisition of financial resources, the measurement and analysis of accounting information, as well as the attainment to economic goals and performance indicators.

Contemporary Management Issues: Future leaders in business and society will have to deal with challenges that fundamentally change our competitive landscape. Challenges addressed in this cluster include the increasing importance of corporate social responsibility, the growing dominance of emerging economies in the international marketplace and the groundbreaking role of big data and business analytics in redefining our understanding of business.

Published by  Economics and Business

The Amsterdam MBA

30 August 2018